“For what it is worth” – Buffalo Springfield. Proof there is nothing new going on.

    Go back and listen you can find it on you tube. Somethings happening here What it is ain’t exactly clear There’s a man with a gun over there Telling me I got to beware The year was 1966 and the Democrats ran the government. Many people think that it was was all about the war. Or about racism, but they are wrong. Falling for spin | Read More »

    It isn’t about single payer. Just Power and Fear.

    For a long time now I have tried to bring to light the differences between Democrats and socialists. Most commentators assign socialist ideals to the Democrats. As President Obama has said of himself he is a master at letting people see what they want to see in him. People want to see a socialist, he looks like a socialist. He even was a candidate for | Read More »

    It’s all a game, the only way to win is not to play

    My local library was holding a hard back sale to raise money so I picked up a copy of Norman Cantors History of the Middle Ages. Funny, but the history of the royals contending for power with the nobles doesn’t seem any different then our own nobles, the beltway parliment contending with the head of our self appoint royal family in the oval office. It | Read More »

    Injured by ObamaCare, my story.

    I work for a large international technology company in an IT support capacity.  Basically I fix things people use to to maintain and work with electronic medical records. The core stuff of ObamaCare. I do my work at a teaching hospital so I am intimately familiar with the kinds of issues that the (Not) Affordable Healthcare Act has created. On Monday December 23 I was | Read More »

    Talking point for 2016 – Forget creating jobs, create an American “Industrial Renaissance”

    Job creation is a distraction, government doesn’t exist to create jobs, at least here in America since the late 18th century. J0bs are created by Monarchs, such as the Saudi King who controlling all the wealth shares it with his population. Contrary to Barrack Obama’s self image, he was elected President, not King. His job is chief clerk of the country, not distributor of the | Read More »

    How does Boehner’s confession effect how we go from here.

    I believe that I will not be able to support the Republican party as long as Boehner is speaker of the house. Since I live in New Jersey my influence is limited anyway, until I move. I am not certain where to turn for now, yes I know precinct captain, but I can’t deliver the answers that will win the votes. It is all about | Read More »

    Give me liberty (from Boehner) or give me a third party

    John Boehner whether or not he was drunk at the time, has no business being at the head of the Republican party. He is a politician, and had he grown up in New York would have made a career out of Democrat politics. He has no principles. He hasn’t the slimist idea of what conservatism is. I am a fiscal conservative, and a federalist. Not | Read More »

    Radio talk show host fall for an “April fools” cyber Monday joke.

    OK, I am heading home and during the twenty minute drive I had two different talk radio stations blabbing endlessly about that web site that wants to drone their product to your door. This is cyber Monday. I will tell you the truth, after a case of the flu, a tough Thanksgiving weekend and no particular rush to shop online. I ended up checking out | Read More »

    The Big Mac Rule – Minimum wage increase failures. (updated Christie remarks)

    The voters of New Jersey voted to raise the minimum wage and tie future automatic minimum wage increases to cost of living with a constitutional amendment. I voted against it. But I stand to win, because in a few years I expect to retire. I will rent my house in New Jersey and move to a place I have secured in Florida. I won’t be | Read More »

    STEM Education – A different track and a solid foundation

    In 1994 my oldest son entered high school. Our township high school was one of four designated by the Clinton administration for a pilot program in science and technology. Not your run of the mill advanced education programs, this was as the head of the department explained “a program that my colleagues argue makes the name of shop classes to long to fit on report | Read More »