Sen. McCain – Separate but equal is not leadership…..It is segregation

    Sen. McCain, I understand that you sacrificed much during your stay in Hanoi. But that doesn’t give you the right to tell me what I desire from my government. You and your constituents would no more be interested in me dictating how they live, where they work, what they eat, then I am in you telling me what my medicare should look like. Especially since | Read More »

    Could Putin be right about exceptionalism?

    Look very carefully at exactly what Putin wrote It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. What we hear is “our nation is not exceptional”, but that is NOT what he is saying. This Op-ed isn’t critical of America, it is critical of our Imperial President. And quite bluntly I think he is right. It is very dangerous | Read More »

    Arch Duke Ferdinand, USS Maddox, and the Syria resolution. Just say no.

    The paragraph below, from  is an analysis of the days leading up to the start of “the Great War”, that sounds all too similar to our current situation and even the least intelligent elected official should realize that it didn’t work out well 100 years ago. In order to maintain its credibility as a force in the Balkan region (let alone its status as | Read More »

    Breast beating like it’s 2008

    Barack Obama is beating his breasts and roaring like King Kong, as if it was 2008. You know, when America had the largest, most powerful and most dangerous standing army in the middle east. Those days are gone. This professor playing at being president is ignorant of the real world. This is no classroom where he decides everything He cannot define how the allies of | Read More »

    An industrial nation of prosperity, opportunity and achievement.

    Obama needs us to think he is a leftist, because it our opposition to him on those grounds that gives him the support of the leftist and socialist supporters. But his behavior is not socialist. Socialists build factories, and coal plants. They dam rivers, level forests, pollute the air and water to build huge sterile cities to house factories and houses for the working class. People being put to work in industry comes first to Socialists regardless of the cost to the environment. Obama is no socialist.

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    A bright red line has been crossed in Boston.

    I don’t care who did this. It should not have happened.  That is not to say I don’t want justice, only that the administration asleep at the wheel cannot be trusted to deliver that justice. First we have a riot in Gitmo. Then there is a bombing at the Boston Marthon. Connect the dots. Could we have not had a greater warning that something was | Read More »

    Simplify the immigration reform discussion with a guest worker program

    Executive Summary Guest worker program assumes many people come here to work not to immigrate. Uses a smart card linked to a national registry to replace all other identification. When card is issued DNA and other biometric identification data is collected. Background check and health check performed. Qualified individuals are issued cards and all records of employment, licensing, residence, and income are linked to the | Read More »

    Reince Priebus: $10M on carpetbaggers is a stupid plan. Here is how to fix it.

    What you waste money on elsewhere I don’t care, but we should have won the Delaware Valley, and what you must do in Philadelphia probably will work elsewhere. Here is the solution. Don’t hire people to go to Philadelphia. Hire people from Philadelphia. I can get you a list of Asian, Mexican and Puerto Rican, Black, and immigrants from Eastern European who are recent college | Read More »

    Nation building should start at home.

    Decades have passed since Progressives have pushed Republican influence from the big cities. Republicans have surrendered these cities to the progressives and their allies,  and let them become plantations that favor the elitist agenda. Unfortunately, the voting power of the territory that Republicans have surrendered is sufficient to decide many state wide and all national Senate and oval office elections. We can’t abandon the cities | Read More »

    Hey POTUS, Everybody gave up 2%, quit your bellyaching and man up.

    Let me run some numbers by you. For the 2012 budget the government took in $2,468,600,000,000 (about $2.5 trillion) If expects for the 2013 budget $2,901,960,000,000 (about $2.9 trillion) or an increase of 433,360,000,000 That is over 17% increase in revenue. I don’t know anyone who saw their take home pay jump 17% .  Everybody saw a cut of 2% for FICA withholding tax increases. | Read More »