Job Opportunity – Wanted one or more hippies

    There is the old smart remark that if you can’t trust the police, next time you get in trouble, call a hippie. Perhaps it is too old for most here. But right now we got a big problem. is the biggest disaster to effect this country since The Deep Water Horizon explosion. More people are effected. But unlike BP’s executives who were scared to | Read More »

    Time to turn the picture of Reagan face to the wall

    Elsewhere Strieff argues that the compromise to not fight on abortion is the main reason that the Republican party cannot succeed. I have a different view, and believe that for the Republican party, or any party to succeed it is important to address the issues of today. While most people believe abortion is wrong, it is not forcefully imposed. No one, yet says that an | Read More »

    Let’s review this again for the less attentive. The mandate is the tax

    The mandate is the tax. It transfers the obligation to pay for all the medical bills of every citizen without insurance from the general treasury to every individual. The penalty is for not paying the tax. The penalty will not stand alone. The government never lets you pay a penalty for not paying your taxes and at the same time forgives your taxes. You must | Read More »

    Lets look down the road, and see just how creepy the IRS involvement can become.

    We know that Justice Roberts said that Obama can justify the mandate as a tax. Government has the right to impose taxes on individuals. Therefore the mandate stood, not under the commerce clause but because it is a tax. The mandate is an obligation that every citizens has to the government which represents all citizens. I get that, but do you? Not if you think | Read More »

    Single focus Republican talking point for the Sunday shows.

    It is time to face a fact. If the government cannot in a timely and efficient manner set up the necessary infrastructure to sign you up for coverage under the PPACA how can we possibly believe they will be able to deliver the services needed to analyze, authorize and finance the services you need to stay alive in a timely fashion. This isn’t Social Security. | Read More »

    It’s the law of the land……

    When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, segregation was the law of the land. Democrats invented Jim Crow, they perfected segregation. They fought tooth and nail to keep it. When Harry Reid says it is the law of the land, he sounds more like George Wallace then Franklin Roosevelt. When two young men, engaged in intimate relations in a small town in Texas | Read More »

    Government continues…without Nannies in Washington.

    I noticed on my way to work yesterday that the police cars that patrol the highway where still there. I called and got someone in the county clerk’s who told me the register of deeds is working, the mayor was working, the council meeting was still scheduled, yes I could get a permit, dog license and no, the police would not be furloughed. Go figure. | Read More »

    Sen. McCain – Separate but equal is not leadership…..It is segregation

    Sen. McCain, I understand that you sacrificed much during your stay in Hanoi. But that doesn’t give you the right to tell me what I desire from my government. You and your constituents would no more be interested in me dictating how they live, where they work, what they eat, then I am in you telling me what my medicare should look like. Especially since | Read More »

    Could Putin be right about exceptionalism?

    Look very carefully at exactly what Putin wrote It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. What we hear is “our nation is not exceptional”, but that is NOT what he is saying. This Op-ed isn’t critical of America, it is critical of our Imperial President. And quite bluntly I think he is right. It is very dangerous | Read More »

    Arch Duke Ferdinand, USS Maddox, and the Syria resolution. Just say no.

    The paragraph below, from  is an analysis of the days leading up to the start of “the Great War”, that sounds all too similar to our current situation and even the least intelligent elected official should realize that it didn’t work out well 100 years ago. In order to maintain its credibility as a force in the Balkan region (let alone its status as | Read More »