Wlimington DE: Your purpose is to serve as an example to others.

    A gift to Wilmington Delaware from their good friends (and home town hero) Barack Obama and Joe Biden The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Wilmington (DE) is in decline according to Wall Street. ” The high poverty rate in the cities slum predominately neighborhoods, scarred by drug trade and violence, along with fixed high costs including pensions economically sensitive revenues and weakening wealth levels makes | Read More »

    The Delaware Valley Beat

    PART 1 Trains kill people, legislator wants to regulate trains. Another example of what is wrong with politicians. We have a Republican this time trying to make trains suicide proof. The concept is mind boggling, see the last paragraph in the quote below. There is nothing you can do except take away all the trains that will make a train safe against someone bound and | Read More »

    The Delaware Valley Beat

    Part 1 Playing the Sandy lottery Part 2 Elections have consequences even for small businesses. Part 1 Playing the Sandy Lottery Comments on and excerpts from an article by Jacqueline L. Urgo, Inquirer Staff Writer, Thursday, February 21, 2013, 5:50 AM The north end of Ocean City (New Jersey) is enjoying a beach replenishment project, part of an ongoing process where the federal government squanders | Read More »

    It’s open line Friday and this caller’s discouragement stumps Rush

    It is open line Friday on the Rush Limbaugh show and a caller makes the case that there is no hope to defeat Obama. So Rush asks him, “do you think that the administration will continue to deficit spend and that the debt will continue to grow?” to which the caller replies yes! Rush follow up with a second question asking “do you think that | Read More »

    Revisiting a smart card based guest worker program.

    Main principle anyone qualified can come to the country to work. To Qualify You must submit DNA, prints, and Photo identification. You must pass a “Pee Test” for drugs and common communicable diseases. Your data is submitted through national and international criminal databases and to qualify you must not have a criminal record or be a fugitive from justice. This data, and all your information | Read More »

    Republican vs Democrat, redefined for the times.

    According to the guest on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show Friday, the difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats trust in big government programs to solve America’s problems while Republicans trust in people. At one time this would have been a good answer. Karl Rove would have approved it. For the Reagonomics Era, from the 1980′s through the first half decade of | Read More »

    Ascent of the Patronage Economy.

    Barrack Obama has been on a mission to fundamentally change America. It is a revolution and as has finally been noted by our side the target is the Reagan revolution. Obama is out to destroy the Republican party and to finish the job President Johnson started. But what is that? With terms like collective efforts being bantered about there are overtones of Stalinist socialism. No | Read More »

    Time for Ridcule – Why I am not upset about gun control

    I know this is a serious subject but taking the Democrats seriously is NOT the way to end the discussion of gun control. Using Rule #5 “Ridicule is man’s most powerful weapon” is the way to shut the democrats up for good. And gun control could be the opportunity. Why I am not upset about gun control. Obama lived his high school years in an | Read More »

    Some quick thoughts on the tax bill

    The NEA executives would probably have had to pay more in taxes, if the Republicans did nothing after we went over the cliff. The legislators in Washington would have had to pay more in taxes if we did nothing after America went over the fiscal cliff.  I would like to add a  new  bracket category to the rich, middle class and working class. The Rich | Read More »

    Obama buys third term

    The price was cheap. Raise Legislator salaries for the first time in years, so the pain of the taxes that were raised for everyone won’t hurt. Raise the threshold so that enough of the Representatives and Senatorswon’t get hit with soak the rich rates unless their wives make absurd income. Allow John Boehner to hold Ohio Represnetative’s seat as his fief as long as he | Read More »