Obama creates first campaign dashboard sticker – Forward

    Reminds me of the labels Will Smith stuck on the handle of his “space craft” in the movie Independence day. Back in the fall of 2010, I heard Obama state that the Republicans had “driven the car into the ditch and now they want the keys back”. Oh, Republicans are welcome to come along for the ride but they have to sit in the back. | Read More »

    I worry a bit about RedState

      The diaries section seems to have evolved into a solid forum much like the original RedState started out. But I don’t know if anyone else noticed but the front page has lost it’s edge. There are still occasional good articles by the front page authors but everything from the morning briefing to the headlines tends to get stale. Some days there is nothing new  | Read More »

    Interdiction strike – Political style.

    A successful Military conflict, American style, involves a wide range of tactics. Interdiction strikes help achieve success by undermining the ability for the enemy to respond, damaging resources and transport systems or diverting resources needed elsewhere. Romney/Ryan has a great opportunity to achieve success and a key factor in that political contest would be a 50 state assault on the Obama machine. We know that | Read More »

    Asking the wrong question – why Obama won’t take a meeting

    We all know President Obama is the campaigner in chief. Even at a time when he should be focused on more commanding and cheifing, his schedule is filled to the brim with extolling and extorting. So it is only natural that we assumed it was arrogance, ignorance or incompetence that Obama failed to meet with a single leader while they were in New York. But | Read More »

    Spring in the Arab air? Feels more like a Vietnam November 1963

    Being old enough to remember the news and views of the world in 1963 provides a different perspective on our beloved progressive president and his foolish if not completely stupid foreign policy. President Obama is the worst president since LBJ, and the most incompetent since Jummy Carter, combined. And that is a bad combination. Carter meant well, Johnson was a powerful leader. Obama is neither | Read More »

    Romney/Ryan – More Commanding and Chiefing, Less Chipping and Putting

    Did the President have time enough for golf this week I wonder. Even before it was public knowledge that he was a truant who failed to show up at most of the security briefings his focus on his golf game, rather than the Persian Gulf was a disgusting abandonment of his most obvious duty.  And no liberal can defend him with the worn out “he | Read More »

    Take me back to the fifties!!!!

    I remember the 1950’s I remember that if you wanted a job, a hard working or skilled individual with at least  eight grade education only had to ride the trolly down the industrial highway from the steel mills that employed tens of thousands, past the machine shops, fabrications shops, ship yards, warehouses, that employed scores to hundreds down past the garment district, the food distribution | Read More »

    Now that the ticket is settled.

    Sorry, just not that thrilled with Ryan. But in the spirit of defeating Obama I will refrain from attacks on Romney Ryan, after all Obama will be doing that until the election is over. Maybe longer. Rather, I want to focus on things that will matter. Start with spending No matter what a budget says, the only spending a congressional session controls is that spending | Read More »

    General Petraeus pick carries important meaning

    I would  not know if General Petraeus is seriously being considered, but that would not change the meaning of his selection. All the candidates being considered are fine American politicians with various strengths and appeal. In a period of relative peace and prosperity any one of them would be adequate and each carries a unique message to the Republican base, independent voters, and disillusioned Democrats. | Read More »

    Romney-hood, ya got to love it.

    So President Obama thinks Romney-hood is a winning strategy, a winning phrase. Well I hope this does become a campaign trail staple because I like it. I see two possible ways to make this work for Romney. He needs to push both. First is that most people, young people especially do not associate the term hood with a bird. It is the term for where | Read More »