In reply to Ned Ruyn, we are blinded, not stupid.

    Ned Ruyn’s post “I Think Sometimes We are Truly a Stupid Movement” brings up important weaknesses in our fundamental approach to politics that if we cannot resolve will condemn us to failure. All is not lost for us, but it will be unless we change our approach to politics as a whole. When confronted with great challenges and wondering where to start, do the obvious. | Read More »

    Your home work assignment: Win this caller’s vote.

    On the drive home since the election I have been forcing myself to tune in (and stay tuned into) the Liberal Talk show “team” that is on our local CBS affiliate. It is difficult. But I received an answer to a question that has haunted me. Why white blue collar workers, an important part of the the Reagan Democrat and Independents who in the past | Read More »

    Actions speak louder than words

    Because the government misappropriated money collected from the baby boomers to offset their future social security expense the federal government is going to be in the whole every year from now on and it will get worse. We must take advantage of this opportunity to prove we can be trusted. It is a different approach for your consideration. To win the oval office we need | Read More »

    Structural problems for the GOP (our choice)

    A lot of people here want to double down on social conservationism, indicating rather accurately that where values voters nominated true pro-life conservatives they had strong showing in the house races. We picked up conservative seats in the house races, while loosing seats in the senate and of course missing out on the oval office. These are generals defending investment in the Maginot line of | Read More »

    Blind stupidity about amnesty

    It started around Labor day 1986 a few months before President Reagan signed into law the immigration reform act which granted amnesty to a projected 2.9 million illegal aliens.My niece, a divorced mother of two had just graduated college and was starting a career as a Spanish teacher. She made ends meet by teaching English as a second language at night to Mexicans who were | Read More »

    Are we asking the wrong Benghazi questions?

    I can’t help but be reminded of almost any big city police chief when I listen to the question even the conservative and independent media ask. What did he know and when did he know it? Sure that was a valid question for the Water Gate investigation forty years ago, but not because it was forty years ago, but because at the root of that | Read More »

    What New Jersey needs more than Government assistance.

    President Obama visited with Governor Christie today.  For this, President Obama deserves recognition. Given all the times Obama did not react to emergencies  either in an appropriate or timely manner this interest in Sandy is evidence that given enough time the President can at least learn something new. But the truth is, there is Zero benefit to the President touring the devastation. His presence didn’t | Read More »

    Obama creates first campaign dashboard sticker – Forward

    Reminds me of the labels Will Smith stuck on the handle of his “space craft” in the movie Independence day. Back in the fall of 2010, I heard Obama state that the Republicans had “driven the car into the ditch and now they want the keys back”. Oh, Republicans are welcome to come along for the ride but they have to sit in the back. | Read More »

    I worry a bit about RedState

      The diaries section seems to have evolved into a solid forum much like the original RedState started out. But I don’t know if anyone else noticed but the front page has lost it’s edge. There are still occasional good articles by the front page authors but everything from the morning briefing to the headlines tends to get stale. Some days there is nothing new  | Read More »

    Interdiction strike – Political style.

    A successful Military conflict, American style, involves a wide range of tactics. Interdiction strikes help achieve success by undermining the ability for the enemy to respond, damaging resources and transport systems or diverting resources needed elsewhere. Romney/Ryan has a great opportunity to achieve success and a key factor in that political contest would be a 50 state assault on the Obama machine. We know that | Read More »