Anything but debt the ceiling.

    Give Obama anything he wants on taxes, and a few months from now Joe Q Public starts asking why we need to raise the debt ceiling after Obama fixed the taxes. Give him the debt ceiling and Joe Q Public thinks everything in Washington is fine now, because see, we don’t have to keep fighting to borrow money and that means we are not borrowing | Read More »

    Where gun control belongs in our discussions.

    Arguing about whether guns are protected is a waste of energy, because government can’t control anything, they can’t control the border,  they can’t control illegal immigration, they can’t control drugs, they can’t control the mentally ill who make our streets unsafe for children, and our put our health at risks, they can’t control repeat criminals, or flash mobs. They can’t even control there own spending. | Read More »

    Nadler and Bloomburg – they just couldn’t wait.

    Guns, these things always involve guns. They involve people that can’t adjust normally to society and guns. They always involve media hysteria, people who can’t adjust to society, people who are criminals. people who are perpetual troublemakers, people who are broken though no fault of their own, but broken none the less, people who are a threat to themselves and to others, and they involve | Read More »

    REED: No time for deal or does he mean here comes Obama’s tax cuts?

    For everyone that wants to hold the line on taxes and threatens to castigate any Republican that votes to raise any taxes repeat after me.  “We can win in 2014 defending the Obama tax cuts”. Because that is what is coming. Obama has never negotiated in good faith because he can manipulate the Republicans into doing what he wants, and we help him. He wants | Read More »

    Time to get serious.

    The Obama administration is not negotiating in good faith. This comes as a surprise? The Obama administration sees everything, including the “fiscal cliff” negotiations in terms of a long term strategy to gain power and influence. There is no reason for Obama to negotiate. The only power that the Republicans have is to shut down all spending, in effect, shutting down the government. Power is | Read More »

    In reply to Ned Ruyn, we are blinded, not stupid.

    Ned Ruyn’s post “I Think Sometimes We are Truly a Stupid Movement” brings up important weaknesses in our fundamental approach to politics that if we cannot resolve will condemn us to failure. All is not lost for us, but it will be unless we change our approach to politics as a whole. When confronted with great challenges and wondering where to start, do the obvious. | Read More »

    Your home work assignment: Win this caller’s vote.

    On the drive home since the election I have been forcing myself to tune in (and stay tuned into) the Liberal Talk show “team” that is on our local CBS affiliate. It is difficult. But I received an answer to a question that has haunted me. Why white blue collar workers, an important part of the the Reagan Democrat and Independents who in the past | Read More »

    Actions speak louder than words

    Because the government misappropriated money collected from the baby boomers to offset their future social security expense the federal government is going to be in the whole every year from now on and it will get worse. We must take advantage of this opportunity to prove we can be trusted. It is a different approach for your consideration. To win the oval office we need | Read More »

    Structural problems for the GOP (our choice)

    A lot of people here want to double down on social conservationism, indicating rather accurately that where values voters nominated true pro-life conservatives they had strong showing in the house races. We picked up conservative seats in the house races, while loosing seats in the senate and of course missing out on the oval office. These are generals defending investment in the Maginot line of | Read More »

    Blind stupidity about amnesty

    It started around Labor day 1986 a few months before President Reagan signed into law the immigration reform act which granted amnesty to a projected 2.9 million illegal aliens.My niece, a divorced mother of two had just graduated college and was starting a career as a Spanish teacher. She made ends meet by teaching English as a second language at night to Mexicans who were | Read More »