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Neither a Democrat nor Repuublican; no liberal, conservative, independent or Tea Party affiliation. I am is but a single vote that probably wouldn't make any relavent difference in a single election, but an American who gives a hoot what happens to this nationand is willing to speak out against any attack upon it, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.


    How Much Ya Wanna Bet …

    … that in the new Socialist regime that is being thrust upon the American people by the Obama administration, Obama, Pelosi and Reid will all hold high political positions?

    Give US Your Drug Cartels, Criminals & Terrorists

    Insofar as the opposition to the recently enacted Arizona illegal immigration law seems to be mounting, perhaps those who oppose it so stringently should take a few minutes to read it.  The language is very simple and easy to understand, and the law does NOT provide the basis for “racial profiling” as so many say it does. People who live and work near the Mexican | Read More »


    While watching a few of the features presented on PJTV (, I noticed how one commentator stated a primary difference between the Tea Party protests and those being carried out by people against the Arizona Illegal Immigration law; and, to which I agree: * Tea Party protests are peaceful and non-destructive. * Anti-immigration law protests are disruptive and violent. Which group do YOU think will | Read More »

    Small Business 101

    According to a feature in, small business is in for a real surprise starting in 2012.  A little provision in the health care reform legislation will now require small business to issue a IRS Form 1099 to every person or vendor to whom they pay $600.00, or more.  The complete article can be viewed at: “Section 9006 of the health care bill — | Read More »

    American Under Siege

    The United States of America is under siege.  Our nation is being invaded and overrun by people from other countries who are crossing our borders in clear defiance of our immigration laws.  Contrary to what those who are protesting the new Arizona illegal immigration law will tell you, these people who cross our borders in ways that allow them to do so without detection are | Read More »

    Legally Illegal

    There seems to be a very simple point that our President, certain members of Congress, and a heckuva lot of Americans are missing:  People who enter this country in violation of our laws are CRIMINALS!  Pure and simple.  And, unless our laws are nothing more than words on paper that are to mean absolutely nothing, they are in this country illegally.  Each and every one | Read More »

    Fraud & Waste

    Why is it we hear so very much about government programs that will end up costing the American people dearly, but hardly anything (if anything at all) regarding trying to control the fraud and waste in government-sponsored programs? It seems to me government is more interested in spending money than saving money.  Our elected officials could do the people of America a real service by | Read More »

    The Fun Begins

    I am self-employed and own a small business.  All afternoon, I have been plagued by some clown trying to force me into revealing personal information to him so I can supposedly obtain health care insurance coverage no wmandated by federal law.  My Caller ID information states the number this character is calling from is (000) 000-0000.  What he’s getting from me is hung-up on … | Read More »

    A Question

    Can an individual sue a Senator or Representative?  If I belong to, or join, an organization or group (like the Tea Party movement) and someone in Congress labels members of that organization or group derogatorily, could that person in Congress be subject to being sued for slander, libel and/or defamation of character?

    Tea Party Alliances

    The current alliance building between the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party bothers me.  Politicians by any other name are still politicians.  Politicians will use whatever means they must to gain office, or retain office; and, it appears to me that this is precisely what they are doing in their support for the Tea Party movement.  In this case it is the Republican Party | Read More »