My political views are radical (I'm pro-American). My religious views are also radical (I'm Catholic). In other words, I grew up at a time when the USA was the last best hope for freedom in the world. I've always been conservative even though I was once actually a Democrat. I now realize the foolishness of my youth. I have actually managed political campaigns (D, I, and R) at the local level and have a sense of what it takes to win. I want to work to make this country great again, and by great I mean a country with values rooted in the Constitution and a belief in God. The nonsense that now passes as "mainstream values" is either immoral, un-American, or simply wrongheaded and stupid. It will not continue unopposed. It will meet opposition, and it will be defeated.


    I Have 3 Words for Ted Cruz . . .

    Get. Back. In. When you dropped out last night, you stated “We are competing to the end as long as we have a viable path to victory” but that you viewed the results in Indiana as precluding that path. Today however, that nagging parasite Katfish, sensing his mission accomplished, is scheduled to drop out. So you are now scheduled to take on Trump heads up | Read More »

    Why Not Cruzio?

    After Super Tuesday, we have a few likely certainties: Kasich is on an ego trip and won’t drop out until after he suffers the embarrassment of losing his home state. Carson is in a snit, or on a book tour, and won’t drop out. Rubio won’t drop out until after he loses Florida, or as long as the math shows a brokered convention is still possible. Ted | Read More »

    Christmas 237 Years Ago — And Today

      General Washington to his troops, Christmas night, December 25, 1776: “Tonight we cross back into Jersey. I beseech you all, remain close to your officers. They are good men. Heed their commands. On the march south a profound silence is to be enjoined and reflect upon what we owe those mercenaries. And when the hour is upon us fight for all that you are | Read More »

    Thinking Outside the Obamacare Box

      Every day we see the headlines and horror stories. Millions of health insurance policies canceled, with an exponential number more facing the ax next year. And besides the broken promises, we have a broken website that makes it nearly impossible for the long suffering uninsured, and the newly uninsured, to sign up. On top of what appears to be a combination of poor planning, | Read More »