Intellectual Smugness and Imposition of False Sense of Security

    Repost of ( There seem to be a correlation between people who are intellectually smug (notice I avoided the term elites) and people who call for vague sense of communality, greater dependence on government to enforce that tribal communality, contrasted sharply with their hypocrisy. Well meaning people, even among some of my friends whom I respect, unthinkingly favor vague tribal/communal value of having least possible | Read More »

    HUD’s unscrupulous practice of “Dollar Houses”

    Repost of ( In the second series of “how paternalistic government ruins this nation,” I’d like to talk about HUD and the practice of dollar houses. Dollar houses are houses that are sold to government entities (local or federal) for $1. The properties are usually from the stock of foreclosed properties that the borrowers of FHA loan have defaulted on. There are two dimensions of | Read More »

    Public Nightmare: Section 8

    Repost of ( This is a subject I have first hand experience in that I can opine on with some level of expertise. I will write a series of these to illuminate why political liberalism (in the Nolan chart sense of the “political left”) fails. Some background: Public Housing Authority is part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (or HUD). Its mandates is to | Read More »