Let Sequestration Happen To Save Our Fiscal State!

    Only in Washington D.C. would people pass a bad deal and then fight about how to replace the bad deal. That is essentially what is happening today. The sequester would implement $1.2 trillion in true and immediate spending cuts to be divided equally between defense and domestic programs. Liberals are screaming bloody murder on the cuts to domestic programs, and some RINOs are doing the | Read More »

    Urge Conservatives to Write Amendment to Offset Sandy Funds!

    I’m encouraging conservative reps to get together and write an amendment to offset the Sandy funds (the $51 billion that will be coming up). For the appropriate parts, they should find wasteful spending and bring the amendment to the floor of the house. Then, they can vote for the amendment. Even if it fails, they have something to back up their vote. A lot of | Read More »

    The American Culture Needs a Revival…Strong Families & God-Following America!

    First, I express my grief and sympathies to the families who lost loved ones in the shooting in Connecticut. Nothing could be more hideous and heart-breaking than to lose loved ones during the Christmas season. May God be with them and help them during this difficult times. As each of us celebrates Christmas, we must think about those who have loved ones in this tragedy. | Read More »

    2014 Top GOP House Primary Targets!

    “Let’s face it: we will never cut spending without conservatives on Appropriations.  We will never implement a pro-growth flat tax without conservatives on Ways and Means.  We will never restore the free market and implement a proper replacement of Obamacare without conservatives on E&C.” —Daniel Horowitz These members are RINOs with some of the lamest scores. They are fiscally irresponsible, voting against spending cuts and | Read More »

    Senator Rand Paul endorses Denny Rehberg for Montana Senator

    Cross Posted from my website: Today, LLPH endorsed candidate for U.S. Senator from Montana, Denny Rehberg, received the endorsement of one of LLPH’s closest allies in the Senate, Senator Rand Paul. Below is the press release. Help Denny here if you can: AUDIO: Sen. Rand Paul Joins Rep. Ron Paul In Endorsing Denny Rehberg Posted: Saturday, November 3rd   Filed in: Rand Paul: A Vote | Read More »

    A GOP Family endorses Liberal Matheson! VOTE MIA LOVE!

    And he wonders why most Republicans never considered his son…. Jon Huntsman Sr. — an industrialist, philanthropist and lifelong Republican — is endorsing Rep. Jim Matheson, calling him a conservative Democrat who “represents our state very well.” The endorsement was announced in a news release Friday afternoon. “The Matheson and Huntsman families have enjoyed three generations of respected association,” Huntsman said in the prepared statement. | Read More »

    Jon Tester (D-Montana)…even more liberal than New York Democrats. Vote Rehberg! I know that a lot of conservatives are not huge fans of the moderate Congressman Denny Rehberg, but after a huge week of polling that were not the best, a 3-point lead for Denny Rehberg is wonderful news. Conservatives will probably point to several RINO votes that he has taken, and I will not excuse him for these votes. But let’s review the difference | Read More »

    God Bless Senator Paul! End Foreign Aid to Pakistan!

    WE ARE BANKRUPT (In case anybody hasn’t noticed). Some Republicans may support sending foreign aid to Pakistan, Egypt, and other nations (by the way…several of them hate us). Some people may say we must stay engaged. We should not be engaged with countries that jail our true allies. Pakistan has jailed a good doctor who helped us catch Osama Bin Laden. Watch Senator Paul’s Floor | Read More »

    Mike Rounds for South Dakota Senator 2014? Give your thoughts.

      Rumors are very high that Former Governor Mike Rounds (R-South Dakota) plans to run for Senate in 2014 for the seat of Senator Tim Johnson (D-South Dakota). He will either run against him or if Senator Johnson’s retires, an open seat. He has announced an exploratory committee:   I’m still busy researching on Governor Rounds, whether he meets conservative standards or not. | Read More »

    Two Great Floridians for Congress!

               Florida will play a critical role in this November’s election. With conservative Connie Mack running against liberal Senator Bill Nelson, House races will be just as important. LLPH is proud to endorse two conservatives for congress today. Florida CD 19: Trey Radel (R) defeated LLPH-endorsed Byron Donalds. But after reading his positions, I am convinced that  he will be a | Read More »