Tommy Thompson will be no Ron Johnson…but he won’t be a Reid Disciple either.

    Ron [email protected] Congrats to Gov. Thompson on a hard won victory tonight. Look forward to helping him win in November. Mark [email protected] Thank you to all of our supporters around Wisconsin. Please keep up the fight and do all you can to [email protected] in November.  Eric Hovde  7 hours ago The fight is not over. Too much is at risk. So many of you worked tirelessly | Read More »

    Congratulations to Rep. Allen West and Future Rep. Ron DeSantis!

    Cross Posted from: Congratulations to two great men who will bring and continue to bring strong conservative values in Washington D.C.! Congressman West is one step closer to having the opportunity to continue his fine leadership, but he will need our help to win this November. An interesting fact: Rep. West received approximately 45,000 votes compared to his Democrat opponents received only 31,000 votes combined. | Read More »

    Florida Can Make A Difference in the 113th Congress: Elect Ron DeSantis, Sandy Adams, Allen West, Byron Donalds, and

    Cross Posted from my Website: This is going to be a very brief post. But I want to urge Floridians to go cast their ballots today, especially if you live in Florida’s 6th, 7th, 18th, and 19th Districts! Here’s a quick run-down of the races: 1) Ron DeSantis for Florida CD 6: Locked in a tight battle for this seat, Ron DeSantis needs every vote | Read More »

    Endorsements of 8-13-12: Incumbents Tim Scott, Pompeo, Huelskamp, Garrett

    Cross Posted from my website: LLPH Second Revolution In addition to my support for Josh Mandel for Ohio Senator, I want to roll out my support for four incumbent House members who have strongly obeyed the Constitution of the United States by fighting for conservative values:     1. Rep. Tim Scott: Republican Incumbent for South Carolina CD 1 Tim Scott scored a 92% from the | Read More »

    Josh Mandel for Ohio Senator!

    Cross Posted from my website: I want to write briefly in support of Josh Mandel, the GOP nominee to defeat Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio). Josh Mandel is a young man who has proudly defended his country in the military. After serving proudly, he ran for state treasurer of Ohio defeating the incumbent 55-40%. During his tenure, Josh Mandel has worked hard cutting waste, fraud, and | Read More »

    Conservative Rep. Todd Akin (R) LEADS by 11% Over Senator McCaskill (D) in Missouri!

    Cross Posted from my website: The first poll since Rep. Akin has been nominated as the GOP nominee to challenge Senator Claire McCaskill has been released by SurveyUSA. Political Wire  News He leads by 11 POINTS! And as evidence that this poll is not GOP tilted, Mitt Romney leads by a slimer margin over President Obama. Here’s the full report: In the nationally watched race | Read More »

    The Peach State (Georgia) Should Show Tax Raising Saxby (Senator Chambliss) the DOOR!

    Cross Posted from my website: Primary 2014 Profile: Saxby Chambliss With the 2012 primaries drawing to a close, it is time for conservatives to reflect upon not only our victories, but our defeats as well. We won quite a few races with men like Ted Cruz in Texas (who will most likely be replacing RINO Hutchison), Richard Mourdock in Indiana, Deb Fischer in Nebraska, Todd | Read More »

    GOP Senate Nominees Proud to Stand with Romney-Ryan while Democrats are NOT with Obama-Biden!

    Our GOP Senate nominees are proud to stand with this great presidential ticket. But some Democrats are not. Read each statement, and I will also note when this candidate’s opponent is scared to be with the president (please note: I am only including those who have won their nomination.) 1.  Ted Cruz (for Texas Senate Seat)  shared Mitt Romney‘s photo. 10 hours ago Excellent: Mitt Romney made a bold choice today | Read More »

    Questionnaire: Would you support State Senator Tom Davis over Senator Graham?

    Review his record below, and then post yes or no. I know it is a hypothetical, but would you be willing to support him if he were the only candidate challenging Graham? I think it is a real question. In this article, rumors are that State Senator Tom Davis plans to challenge Senator Lindsey Graham (RINO-South Carolina):   Quote: “Not so with state Sen. | Read More »

    Questionnaire: Good-bye Senator Lindsey Graham in 2014?

    I know that 2014 is a little bit of a long way from now…but with the primaries slowing down, I hope many of you will answer the following 5 questions. I just want to get a sense of how enthusiastic the movement is about getting rid of Senator Graham. Please answer the following  questions: 1) Do you believe that South Carolina needs to replace Senator | Read More »