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    Homeschoolers to Ted Cruz: We don’t want government help!

    In a piece published at Breitbart News and titled, “Don’t Believe the Lies that Ted Cruz Hates Homeschool Freedom,” Homeschool Legal Defense attorneys Will Estrada and Mike Donnelly share their opinion on the growing confusion surrounding Ted Cruz and his education policy.– Estrada and Donnelly characterize the blogger as a “YUUUUGE” Donald Trump fan. That may be true but that is a distraction from the | Read More »

    Common Core has Lt. Governor Calley fighting to keep his job

    The Michigan Republican State Convention is this weekend. The big story leading up the event is whether Brian Calley will retain his position as the Lt. Governor.  Delegates to the convention choose the Lt. Governor and Common Core may be the deciding factor in whether he gets the votes he needs to keep his job.   But that is where the problem begins to emerge,  where | Read More »

    Common Core: A “cradle-to-career” pathway to servitude

    Governor Snyder said in his 2011 State of the State Addresss, “We’ve been spending money without delivering the results to give our young people a bright future. It is time that we view our educational system which runs from pre-natal to lifelong learning. It’s time to start talking about P-20 instead of just K-12. We need to establish a system that focuses on real achievement | Read More »

    HSLDA’s “cobelligerency” with David Coleman on Common Core

    Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)  hosted a webinar with College Board President, David Coleman, last Friday.  If you were hoping for a take-down of Coleman it didn’t happen.  The email sent out by HSLDA President Mike Smith before the event gave us a hint at the tone, At this time, we have not seen any evidence that the redesigned SAT will harm homeschoolers in any | Read More »

    Charter School Board President Resigns over Common Core

    Brian Polet resigned as as board president and from the board of directors of Eagle Crest Charter Academy located in Michigan.  Below is his stinging resignation letter.  Please read and share this letter. Dear Eagle Crest Charter Academy, National Heritage Academies, and Central Michigan University, Effective June 30, 2014, I officially resign as board president and from the board of directors of the Eagle Crest | Read More »

    My real life “God’s NOT Dead” Moment

    I attended to the University of Michigan in the early 80’s.  I became a Christian shortly after I arrived my freshman year (1981)   There was ample evidence even back then of how much elite academics hated Christianity and Christians.    One particular encounter still stands out in my mind today. When I was a senior, I took a class in Sociology. It was a requirement | Read More »


    Sometimes I just shake my head at the absolute arrogance and insanity of the Obama Administration.   The U.S. Department of Education – Civil Rights Office ordered a high school to tear down new baseball bleachers bought and built by the parents. Parents were simply trying to help out. They couldn’t see the games clearly, because they had to watch through a chain link fence. A | Read More »

    Feds lame answer to student-privacy protection: “It depends”

    The US Department of Education released a report on student-data privacy. (PDF) in an attempt to answer the growing concerns about student privacy and disclosing their personal information to third-party vendors.   The report is far from reassuring.  The answer to whether Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is protected is, “it depends….there is no universal answer.” Is Student Information Used in Online Educational Services Protected by FERPA?  | Read More »

    Common Curriculum for the Common Core

    Fordham produced a series of reports after examining the districts considered to be  “early implementers” of the Common Core.  Their findings published in “Common Core in the Districts:  An Early Look at Early Implementer”  are predictable and set the stage for a call for common curricula to go with the Common Core,  the desired goal all along.  Take particular note of #3 and #4: This | Read More »

    True School Choice is a beautiful thing

    Imagine with me, if you will, that you just bought a new home. You are so excited. The rooms are spacious, the neighborhood lovely, and the surrounding community is spectacular. The area is loaded with restaurants, museums, orchestras, and cultural opportunities galore. All to entertain and educate you and your children. You wander around your new dwelling staring at boxes and dreaming of the future. | Read More »