Refuting Stephen Hawking on the Necessity of God

    Much has been made recently regarding Stephen Hawking’s pronouncement that God was not required for our universe to come into existence.  He makes this claim in his new book ‘The Grand Design’ and again recently at a lecture recently at the California Institute of Technology.  To read a brief article summarizing that lecture, you can do so here. As one of the world’s leading physicists, | Read More »

    Why Christians Cannot Support Same Sex Marriage

    On March 28th, MJ Daniels wrote an article entitled Contra Erick: No Compromise, No Regrets in which he attempts to make the case for why Christians should support same sex marriage. I have given his essay a good bit of thought, and I have come to the conclusion that his position is simply wrong.  Same sex marriage and Christianity are mutually exclusive, and it is | Read More »