Iraq and Afghanistan: Are We in It to Win It?

    You don’t have to be an infantry General to see all these many years that Iraq and Afghanistan operations have been “clusterf–ks.” We haven’t “won” in Iraq, and we surely have not won, and will not have “won,” in Afghanistan—drones notwithstanding. From the controlled footage that trickled out, we’ve seen combat mainly by “rifle companies.” They’re no longer called that, of course, armed as they | Read More »

    Hey, If Obama Can Get Elected . . .

    Substance over style. Facts over flim-flam. Gingrich over Romney. The individual has been, and will forever be, elusive: the “perfect candidate.” Virtually all past presidents have checked in with varying pieces of personal “baggage,” some openly, others secretly kept from the national bellhop’s attention. Gingrich is no exception. Still, there’s a growing sense this DC-experienced hand is the sharpest knife in the GOP drawer. In | Read More »

    A Gingrich-Obama Debate: A Sight to Behold

    Well, sure as rain, the klaxon is blaring among the monolithic left, who, this very hour, are frantically, feverishly sniffing out, hunting up any dirt they can get on Gingrich. And, as will likely happen–and has happened with many past candidate-targets of the left–they will get some political grist (and, for good measure, manufacture other fantasies). All for the intended goal to demonize the guy, | Read More »

    Time for an AARP “Membership Check-up”?

    HERE WE ARE, well into the 2012 presidential election run-up. And, lo, whom do we find larger than life across the cover of the September|October 2011 issue of AARP the Magazine? First Lady “I’m-ashamed-of my-country” Michelle Obama—fashionably outfitted and coiffed to appeal, I’m guessing, to Middle America in general and to “Retired Persons” in particular. “The First Lady and Jill Biden set out to help | Read More »

    Obama At His “limit” on Foes’ Limiting His Limitless Spending

    “I’ve reached my limit,” Obama huffed, as he stormed out of a meeting on the “debt ceiling.” He’s reached his limit? Such colossal brass from this neo-Socialist pushing the nation onto the road of economic ruin. If any “limit” has been reached, it is ours, for all of our struggles during our daily lives under his insufferable, failing presidency. He talks about it, but “tax | Read More »

    Citizen of the World Obama: Birthplace Waived

    It is very much an issue that shills say Obama’s pedigree is a “non-issue.” If he didn’t know then, he surely knows now that millions are just not satisfied. They believe it’s one of many contrivances and political sleights of hand designed to protect this president’s questionable past political and social conduct and to keep selectively secret certain “personal information” his employer (that’s us) may | Read More »

    The Droning Obama

    IT IS CLEAR this inept president has been advised to deploy drones in Libya. Perhaps some high REMF’s have determined Qaddafi is gaining the upper hand. None of us knows which way it will go, except that we do know it’s going to cost us Americans in many painful ways. But you don’t have to be a Patton (or a Rommel) to see the “public | Read More »

    The Political Oilyness of Obama’s Libya Speech

    Some campaign-fine, high-minded words, I’ll bet Obama’s betting this March 28, 2011. “But America is still left ‘rudderless’” should be our response to his disingenuous reason-for-being-there speech on Libya. Then, again, even that wouldn’t begin to describe the depth and breadth of the misery Obama ramps up for this nation with each passing day. The Issue is larger than the large Libya Issue. When this | Read More »

    Don’t Turn That Dial: Stay Tuned for “Washington Hills 2012”

    Let us not say Barack Obama is “un-American,” since the tag leads to byzantine arguments on definition. But with every passing day, this politician of demonstrable Socialist-Marxist persuasion demonstrates in words and in action how antithetical he is to our Capitalist society. How harmful he’s become to our polity, to us ordinary citizens, and to our children. He is that far reaching. In all of | Read More »

    The Sixties “Sit-in” Ambiance in Wisconsin Is Also a Tip-off

    If nothing else, the union crowd can really put up some fiery political stagecraft worthy of praises from 1915 American Communist “labor organizer” Joe Hill. Indeed, it wouldn’t surprise me to witness on the evening news, the Wisconsin assemblage of these public- and private-sector workers, and bussed-in “supporters,” shoulder to shoulder, emotively singing the 1930 workers’ movement hymnal, “I dreamed I saw Joe Hill Last | Read More »