Mining the Political Landscape

Mining the Political Landscape

It’s an understatement what a piece of Socialist work this hoped-for one-termer is. Like the reaching senator Chuck Schumer of New York, Obama and his advisors always look for a promotional angle in events, however large or small.

ABC Evening News reported on April 26 that Obama delivered not just a “eulogy,” but a “moving eulogy.” No surprise. For me, his tribute to our countrymen-miners is disingenuous, and smacks in cadence and content of his ceaseless campaigning to promote his agenda and get reelected. Indeed, notice in virtually all media reports of this tragedy that the TV cameras remain solely on Obama.

What we’re seeing here is a president, unlike any before him, who remains ever slippery in his “stewardship” of our great country. A cheeky politician who told the nation he’ll veto anything that comes across his desk regarding coal and its enhanced development as an enormous energy resource. I grieve with the families in West Virginia, and I grieve for America, with this leftist administration and political varmint in the White House.

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