Midwest writer and political consultant. Written for top RNC officials and currently writer for American Thinker.


    Real Reasons Liberals Hate Guns

    The Real Reasons Liberals Hate Guns What occurred in Newtown, Connecticut on that fateful December 14th morning was and remains heartbreaking. The sorrow being experienced by the families of the twenty innocent children killed, along with the loved ones of the other individuals slain must remain overwhelming. This tragedy, purpetrated by a crazed, lone 20-year old gunman, has vaulted the debate over gun control to | Read More »

    Obama’s Desire to Make Race The Top Election Issue

      Democrats are scurrying about like roaches when the light’s turned on, as panic is setting in among some top Democrats that President Obama may lose his reelection bid.  In fact, a recent report released by notable Democratic strategists Stanley Greenberg and James Carville was characterized by deep concern that Obama is in trouble. That should come as little surprise given the continued high unemployment | Read More »

    Mitt Romney–The GOP’s Prevent Defense Presidential Candidate

    After a Midwestern Caucus and a Northeastern Primary, Mitt Romney is the clear frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. The strength and sheer size of his ground force and fundraising operations in upcoming Primary states is well-documented. He is perhaps the ultimate presidential candidate in the eyes of Republican insiders. He has plenty of his own capital to spend on the campaign and Romney has | Read More »

    2012–A Huge Election for Social Conservatives

    Control over the Court for many years to come may be determined by who wins in 2012. For Conservatives passionate about the right to life and the sanctity of marriage, victory in this election is vital.

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    An Economic and Tax Primer—What Might Have Been

    An Economic and Tax Primer—What Might Have Been   As the year is coming to a close, we have found ourselves at yet another great teaching point in history and politics.  House Democrats are digging in their heels in a last ditch effort to fight Republicans in extending the so-called “Bush Tax Cuts”.  Their primary method of attack is class warfare, in this example, pitting | Read More »

    The Rich Aren’t Quite So Evil

    One of the great pillars of liberalism is class warfare—pitting one demographic group of individuals versus another.  The most common battle is between the so-called rich versus the middle-class and poor.  We’re seeing it now in the current debate over extending the Bush tax cuts.    The rich are often portrayed as evil, heartless, and swimming in greed, seeking only to make more and more | Read More »

    Conservative & Tea Party Rallying Cry

    When Barack Obama campaigned to become President of the United States, he spoke with great elegance as to the need for change in our country.  Since becoming President, he and his Party of majority have ushered in unparalleled change—unfortunately, not change for the betterment of our nation.   These changes include signing a law forcing Americans to buy health insurance.  Plans are to also push | Read More »

    Obama Administration—An Experiment in No Experience

        Obama Administration—An Experiment in No Experience   It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  When 52% of American voters cast their ballots for Barack Obama in November 2008, they were voting for a candidate who was unique—a Washington outsider, who promised change.   In fact, Obama was a political experiment.  All of us have wondered what it would be like to pick a | Read More »