Did anyone notice this?

    So I was sitting there watching the inauguration. I missed the swearing in and most of the speech because I was in class. So i got back to my room and settled in and then it was announced that a poem would be read. I could tell the woman was nervous and I felt kind of bad for her. Anyway, I put this to you | Read More »

    Appointing TV Doctors

    So it looks like Barack Obama wants to appoint Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN to be the next Surgeon General. I have looked into his background and he is a real doctor but has never been in charge of anything. Well, that isn’t a complete surprise given his boss’s lack of experience. Dr. Gupta is an odd choice judging from Obama’s previous appointments to me because for | Read More »

    The Mumbai Terror Attacks: A Deadly Reminder

    While millions of people here in the United States celebrated Thanksgiving with their families and friends, there was a major terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. This went on from Wednesday through Saturday because after the initial attack the terrorists took hostages, some of whom were then rescued by Indian special forces commandos. After it was all over, 172 people were killed (including six Americans) and | Read More »