Civil Disobedience, Rightly, Becomes Popular Again

    On Sunday, a group of Tennessee preachers will step into the pulpit and say the only words they’re forbidden by law from speaking in a church. This Sunday, seven Pastors in Tennessee, 4 of which are in the Nashville area, will endorse a number of candidates for office in this district (TN-05). Among the candidates endorsed will be former Mayor Bill Haslam who is currently | Read More »

    Right… And Wrong.

    Even as we “politicos” wrangle over policies and issues, we are still losing the debate on conservatism. This article brought that home. Partisan politics is a deadly weapon that is destroying the fabric of one of the greatest societies in history. It’s frustrating to watch Americans slowly losing their grip on true freedom. It seems that we’re either free to be liberal or free to | Read More »

    A Debate About the Mosque Debate

    There have been a lot of knee jerk reactions to the Ground Zero Mosque/Cultural Center. I’ve had my own, which was troubling as I generally don’t care about others’ religion except in the general sense of wanting everyone to go to Heaven. Why we’ve had such visceral reactions is not easy to put into words and most will fail at putting it into words, though | Read More »

    Compare and Contrast

    Whether you agree with her conservatism or not, this was a well done video; uplifting in an activist sort of way. It’s not big on policy issues because it was never meant to be about policy issues but a renewal of the American voices that seem to be fading away in the cacophony of liberal angst. If those who shout loudest are the only ones | Read More »


    Bachmann’s Right Idea

    On July 22, 2010, hearings began on Charlie Rangel’s ethics(D-NY) woesRangel was charged with ethics violations. Throughout the following week, Rangel worked to make a deal that culminated in formal charges on July 29 as first he had reached a deal and then hadn’t. On the heels of the Rangel scandal, comes Maxine Waters (D-CA) who is brought up on ethics charges. The action against | Read More »

    Do you hear us now, Congressman Cooper?

    A lot of seats considered safe are flying under the radar. TN-05 is one of them. Cooper is beatable. According to this poll, any Republican can beat Jim Cooper. The article does talk about some drawbacks, one of which is the poll is coming from the Hartline camp, whom I come have as close to endorsing as anybody, in spite of Huckabee not because of | Read More »

    When in Doubt, Blame Bush. Or the Runaway President?

    Sometimes you have to step back, away, and into the silence to hear what is going on. If you listen closely, everything is still Bush’s fault. Yesterday, a Democrat saw fit to spam my site with his campaign against Jim Cooper. He left no link to any site but there is this. The reason I say he spammed is because he’s pretty much done the | Read More »

    Watery Schmucks

    Add this to the annals on the myth of the Blue Dog Democrat: This isn’t the first time. To get them out of the “undecided” column in last December’s House vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership promised $500 million for a new University of California-Merced Medical School. Costa and Cardoza then voted “aye.” During the 109th Congress, Cardoza was co-chairman of the | Read More »

    Jeff Hartline Has a Chance Unseating Jim Cooper

    Rep. Jim Cooper sold his vote while playing coy with district TN-05’s voters when after the fact facts tell a different story. TN-05 and other districts nearby recently experienced a historic natural disaster. Cooper’s answer is to find a scapegoat and publicize it. I had started a series to highlight five candidates for this district Out of the five planned two are done and only | Read More »

    Another day, the other Cooper.

    If you don’t know who the other Cooper is, go here: Attack of the Coopers. On the heels of the Arizona immigration bill uproar, Tennessee has passed a voter registration bill requiring potential voters to provide proof they have the right to register. TN Attorney General Robert Cooper says it’s unConstitutional: Legislation that requires new voters to show proof of citizenship when they register would | Read More »