Democrats want to eliminate 401K plan tax break

    Get your hand out of my wallet Why aren’t we hearing about this on the campaign trail from McCain and Palin? I think even this blatant money grab by the libs would resonate with those who would get a check from Dear Leader. This expansion of government is sheer madness!

    October is 2/3 Over…..

    Any update on this? It’s now October 21 Sure seems like time is running out to connect the dots. And I read that Obama has bought significant chunks of ad time, in some cases, all available ad time in some swing states. We’re going to have a hard time connecting the dots if we can’t get the message through the MSM filter…..and that’s assuming that | Read More »

    Well said, Melanie

    Observations from across the pond Key quote: You have to pinch yourself – a Marxisant radical who all his life has been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power anti-white racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on | Read More »

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    Just wondering…

    RNC to spend $160M I watched a bunch of football here in Richmond this weekend and The One’s ads were everywhere and there were very few McCain/RNC ads to counter Obama. It still seems like the McCain camp is just going through the motions…..mentioing Ayers, ACORN, etc… just enough to keep us satisfied and off their back while not fully jumping in the deep end | Read More »

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    Obama asks for DoJ investigation

    From the “You can’t make this up” section, Obama General Counsel, Robert Bauer, asked AG Mukasey to investigate ‘false’ claims of voter fraud made by the McCain campaign and Republicans. Get this for a quote: It is apparent,” he wrote, that law enforcement officials are servingimproper political objectives” that could inhibit voter participation in the Nov. 4 election. The aim is to “suppress the vote | Read More »

    Democrats to kill 401K tax break

    You won’t believe what the Socialist Democrats want to do now More government intervention….when is it going to stop!!!! So the government is going to put $600 into this government run account and require you to put 5% of your salary into this account, run by the same people who have bankrupted Social Security. Unbelievable. I.Am.Beside.Myself. So now the government, if Dear Leader is elected, | Read More »

    Boston Globe, unhinged

    Seems as though the Boston Globe is starting the MSM parade for the suspension of the US Constitution. What is the Globe thinking!?! What they are suggesting is simply unbelievable. Are there no rules for the Left? What’s next? Should Obama get elected and manufacture enough of an economic recovery to get re-elected, is it unthinkable to think there would be a MSM movement to | Read More »

    I know it’s Sunday….

    Is it me or does it seem awfully quiet out there? I mean I tune into Hannity’s America after seeing posted somewhere that he was going to have additional information exposed about Obama, radical associations, etc… So what does he have? Steele, Beckel and Gerry…..Yawn. Then a re-airing of the McCain/Palin interview from earlier in the week. Yawn. And then no mention at all of | Read More »

    More Obama and ACORN

    How ya gonna explain this one, Barry? Let’s see. He’s going to give ACORN a seat at the table before his inauguration? You don’t think this has any correlation to Stretch Pelosi re-convening Congress after the election before the holidays? People had better……Wake.Up.

    Letter to Sen. McCain

    Senator McCain, After spending a week focused on the bailout and seeing our position in the polls deteriorate, I respectfullly urge you and your campaign to get more aggressive. I’m sure you have staff monitoring the conservative blogs and if so, you’ll see an overwhelming sentiment and impression that you’re ‘going through the motions’ and appearing as though you might not be playing to win. | Read More »