When we read different blogs and editorials and such about the need to compromise and act in a bi-partisan manner. Think about this. Where do all revenue bills and spending bills originate? These bills have to originate in the House of Representatives. The House doesn’t have to “compromise” with the Senate on spending and taxation. The House doesn’t have to “compromise” with the President on spending and taxation. All spending and revenue bills have to originate in the House of Representatives. The House can cut off spending and the President and the Senate can’t do diddly. So, when you read from blogs that such and such legislation won’t get through the Senate and the President won’t agree to such and such. This is poppycock. There is nothing the executive branch or the Senate can do if the House cuts off spending. If the House decides to cut off the EPA and the Department of Education, tough. The Senate and the President and even the Supreme Court can’t do anything about that.

I have to agree a little bit with liberal writers who point at deficit hawks and say that Republicans have done nothing over the last 30 years to balance the budget. I personally have been fighting for the BBA since 1978 without much luck in the RINO land of Republicans. I have to agree with the liberals in this argument, but failure is not an option. This Republic will not DIE. This Republic will endure and we must pass the BBA, the 28th Amendment soon.

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