Colonel Roosevelt

    In honor of a new book on one of my heroes, Teddy Roosevelt, I am reposting an article on wrote over the summer at The Moderate Republican. The book, Colonel

    Pioneer Life, Tea Parties and The Modern Man

    At a recent library sale my wife happened to pick up a book entitled, Pioneer Life in Western Pennsylvania. It was published in 1940 and was part of a series

    Scott Brown’s Centrism

    I know the Tea Party was active in getting Scott Brown elected, but had they spent time looking at his record then, they wouldn’t be so surprised now. He is

    Chrysler & Capitalism: Dead on Arrival

    According to Scott Spreling at the WSJ, the recent Chrysler bailout is “capitalism at work.” While I am not an economist I would have to respectfully disagree. Effective capitalism would

    A Pro Life Nation

    It is no longer a statistical blip; the United States has definitely drifted to the right on the issue of abortion. The latest Fox News issue opinion poll mirrors the

    Republicans Lose in Chasing Out Specter

    Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter switched his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat and announced that he will run in 2010 as a Democrat, according to a statement he released this

    A Nation of Whiners & the Need for Principled Spending

    Article highlights: Conservatives need to stop talking about being conservative, and need to start acting like it. Let me state this right off the top: I am part of the

    Casinos are not the Answer to a Recession

    As states all across the nation struggle with budget shortfalls, one solution keeps popping back into focus: legalizing casino gambling. Formerly puritan New England is not immune to the siren

    Youth and Technology Deficit

    Article highlights: Republicans need to focus on issues that attract younger voters, and they need a more dynamic web presence to be successful in 2012. According to a new study

    New Conservatism

    Cross posted at the Rockefeller Republican There could be a little noticed sea-change coming in the world of politics and Generation-Y, which is expected to be as large as the