Obama’s State Run T.V. Slouching Toward Socialism

    Liberal critics love to mock the right when we use the tag lines Socialism or Communism when describing the direction President Obama is taking our country. Ridiculing people and facts is SOP (standard operating procedure) in their circles mainly because it makes them feel superior and gives them a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Although most of the time, we on the right, use those words | Read More »

    Pelosi: Politics Are More Important Than National Security

    Representative Pete Hoekstra pointed out today that Speaker Pelosi inferred, in no uncertain terms, the she was putting Politics above National Security. I pulled some clips from the presser today in which it’s clear that Pelsoi was more interested in politics than protecting this country. Essentially Nancy Pelsoi felt that it was more important to focus on the politics of gaining a Democrat majority in | Read More »

    RootsHQ 2009: Last Day to Get Your Early Bird Discount Tickets

    This year, The Minority Report, is very proud to sponsor the first of its kind, center-right new media summit, RootsHQ 2009 Sign up NOW!!! In what many expect to be the hottest center-right gathering of eActivists this year RootsHQ 2009 offers everything center-right online activists, bloggers, readers, and political enthusiasts could ask for in one event. No matter what level of expertise, involvement, or category | Read More »

    Democrats to Give GOP Ultimatum: Seat Franken or We’ll Keep Specter’s Committee Seats

    Setting aside that this ultimatum has come, for the time being, from the Daily Kos it’s extremely plausible that this type of ultimatum or something similar will come from the Party itself: Quote: That’s the bottom line.Seat Al Franken and give him his committee assignments now, or we’ll block a new organizing resolution that would let you reassign Specter’s previously Republican committee seats to one | Read More »

    The Obama Prosecutions of 2013 or 2017:

    David Kopel @ the Volokh Conspiracy put forth a fun exercise I thought might be great for RedState readers to participate in. First the question then the rules: Hypothesize that the Obama administration, or perhaps foreign/international courts, prosecute and convict various officials of the Bush administration. Further assume that the new President who takes office in 2013 or 2017 has promised “I will ensure that | Read More »

    Interrogation Techniques Round-Up – Democrat Leaders Briefed 30 Times!

    Update: The Tale of Two Headlines ~ Both from Politico ~ Pelosi: I Didn’t Know About Waterboarding Quote: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing back on GOP charges that she knew about waterboarding for years and did nothing.Pelosi says she was briefed by Bush administration officials on the legal justification for using waterboarding — but that they never followed through on promises to inform her | Read More »

    Aftermath Radio Post Game Tea Party Show With a Stellar Lineup!

    Aftermath Radio has put together a stellar group of guests for our Tea Party Post Game Show joining us will be: Julia Seymour from The Business & Media Institute (BMI), Jeff Emanuel of RedState and PJTV, Jennifer Rubin Pajamas Media’s DC Editor, and Phil Kerpen, Director of Policy for Americans for Prosperity! Please join us for for what looks to be a great Post Game | Read More »

    One of Barack’s Many Faces Looks A Lot Like Bush

    The Obama administration has appealed a ruling, a district court ruling that granted some military prisoners at Bagram Air Base outside Kabul, Afghanistan the right to file lawsuits questioning their detention. Last week, Judge John D. Bates granted limited Habeas Corpus rights to three of the four detainees involved in the case. Along with the appeal, the Justice Department, also asked the judge not to | Read More »

    Liberal Groups Chastised for Not Sharing the Wealth

    Big Liberal Bloggers Tee Off On Progressive Groups For Not Sharing Ad Wealth File this under “be careful what you wish for” with the regaining of the House and Senate in 2006 and the election of Barack Obama in November 2008 it seems a reality is emerging on the online left, a reality that has some big time Liberal Bloggers upset with progressive groups and | Read More »

    Obama Economic Adviser Heckled

    Hecklers disrupt Lawrence Summers, director of President Barack Obama’s National Economic Council, as he speaks to the Economic Club of Washington. By the way I agree with the hecklers…

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