NY 23 “Doug Hoffman doesn’t have an ice cube’s chance”

    Looks like as predicted, Doug Hoffman held true to his promise to keep in the race for NY 23, even after being beat in the R. Primary. He’s now running

    CA Push polls

    A request to R’s out in CA. I just received what I think is a push poll for what I think is Babs Boxer or some other Donk, and would

    J.D. Huckster?

    Well it seems that even the Wall Street Journal is on to JD Hayworth Huckster with today’s John Fund editorial. I won’t selectively quote the article, you can read all

    Fiorina on FOX

    I just caught the Carlie Fiorina interview on the FOX talking heads show, interview by Chris Wallace.  To sum up, BABS be afraid, be very afraid. Wallace quizzed Carlie on

    “Welcome to JD Hayworth’s bizarro world”

    I’m not a fan of JD, no seriously I ‘m no kidding I’m not a fan of his, but I am amazed at times at how little JD knows and

    Campbell effectively dropping out?

    LA Times has an article up “Campbell goes dark a week before the primary”. “With a week before the primary, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tom Campbell has pulled his television

    New California poll out

    A new Times USC poll came out yesterday, nothing really shocking in the poll. Link to the poll in PDF. From the article: Key Findings California voters overwhelmingly want a

    NY 23, 2010…what’s up with that?

    Flashing back to 2009 we had the infamous NY 23 race, and the whole selected not elected Greek tragedy of Dede Scozzafava, who couldn’t even pass as a RINO, running

    “Glenn Beck refuses to endorse J.D. Hayworth”

    Over at “The Hill” there’s a column with a video link of an appearance of Glen Beck on the Imus show, pretty good interview with Beck by the way. The

    Extending the Shuttle and Senator Kay Hutchison

    Setting aside the recent Texas Governor race results and the resulting calls for her resignation from the Senate, looks like Senator Hutchison is working on legislation that might save the