The Collapse of a narrative?

    If there’s a profession in America that enjoys less respect than “journalist”, I don’t know what it is.  Oh, yeah I do – sorry. “IRS examiner”. You can read below what the media is saying to an Ohio Tea Party leader.  I say BFD the guy apologized: that’s like the ombudsmen at the various Obama oral service stations saying, yeah, we know we’re biased from | Read More »

    You Should Read Title 4 of the “American Jobs Act”. Then puke.

    This is pure cowardly Obama. Over on the White House site, you can read the summary of the goodies. But when it gets to the part of paying for it, hahaha. That’s to come “later”. Well, later for everybody who doesn’t know how to google up things. Here’s the text of the bill: Also known as the “Obama Knows You’re A Bunch Of Rubes Act of | Read More »

    USA, Inc.: A Brief Summary of America’s Financial Statements

    Kleiner Perkins, a well know venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, has put together an incredible report on the state of the budget and our finances in general.  You can read the .pdf here: The total document is like a book consisting of Power Point slides.  You just have to see it all to comprehend the work that went into it.  Some data tidbits: | Read More »

    What we WON’T Be Hearing Tuesday From the democrats

    We’re going to see and hear a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday as the votes against leftism pile up.  We’re going to hear about a racist voter base, Fox News drumming up fear, how stupid the voters are, anxious, fearful, etc.  We’re going to hear how foreign money poured in to the Chamber of Commerce and “if it weren’t for that, we would’ve been just | Read More »

    The Fallacy of liberal Opposition to ObamaCare

    So everywhere I go I see Howard Dean and various members of the nutroots contingent out there bashing ObamunistCare. Their primary objections is that there’s no public option and that this is a big giveaway to the insurance industry. You can see this theme echoed (who would have thought?) amongst the  “intelligentsia”. Let’s take a second and tear this down. First, let’s all have a | Read More »

    The real reason for the GM/Chrysler bailouts

    Or, “How to Earn Better Than 100% On Your Money” I really have to hand it to Obama.  I underestimated his shrewdness. Back when the bailout debate was going on, just about everybody who ever even heard of a balance sheet knew that GM and Chrysler were headed for the toilet.  No amount of federal money was going to keep both firms out of Chapter | Read More »

    Obama’s ND Speech Pegs the BS Meter

    So sayeth The One at Notre Dame today: Speech at ND: I do not suggest that the debate surrounding abortion can or should go away,” Obama said in a commencement address. “Because no matter how much we may want to fudge it — indeed, while we know that the views of most Americans on the subject are complex and even contradictory — the fact is | Read More »

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    GDP fall nearly matches record. Oh, what could have been.

    GDP falls much harder than expected: NEW YORK ( — The U.S. economy shrank at an annual pace of 6.1% in the first quarter — almost as much as it did in the fourth quarter of 2008, according to a government report Wednesday. The drop was much worse than expected. According to economists surveyed by, expectations were for a drop of 4.7% in gross | Read More »

    On ‘teabagging’ and other name-calling

    So the liberals and their media allies have taken to calling the Tea Parties ‘teabagging’ in an obvious attempt at innuendo. Well, cool. What, did any of you expect to get asked why people are out marching today? Did anyone really expect an honest inquiry as to why so many folks are upset? Uhhh, no. Wasn’t ever going to happen. The same people who can’t | Read More »

    How do we deal with democrat argumentative tactics?

    This is an open question to the board and the forum: How do we deal with the leftists’ tactics for “arguing”?  (I’ve put the word “arguing” in quotes for a reason). We’ve all been there.  You’re in a discussion with some democrat or some liberal (there’s really no difference these days) and you’re trying to actually debate them on some point or other.  The exchange | Read More »