Just a Reminder: John Kerry Saved My Life in Vietnam.

    I’ve never told anyone this before; John Kerry saved my life in Vietnam. I haven’t mentioned it till now because doing so requires an admission of wrongdoing on my part

    The New York Times – Ignorant Times Twelve

    Ah, the New York Times.  Once the paper of record, now the paper that has broken all records for idiocy and irrelevance brings us the ruminations of a dozen “Americans

    Counter Insurgency and the Constitution

    Just as it used to be fashionable to talk about the “Revolution in Military Affairs,” defense experts and analysts are now talking about “Counter Insurgency” as the new way of

    White House Defines Libya Mission

    Congressional leaders from both parties expressed relief today after a last-minute meeting with the President to discuss Libya.  A source who wished to remain anonymous said that the President had

    Why Can’t We Finish Wars Anymore?

    Because we don’t begin them:   Lately there has been a significant shift in US defense doctrine.  Just as it used to be fashionable to talk about the “Revolution in

    Mugabe, Ahmadinejad, and Kim Jong Il protest New York Times

    The New York Times no doubt expected to take some flak for its publication Monday of an Op-ed piece by terrorist Mahmoud Abbas, but one doubts whether this was what

    Business as Usual in Yemen, our “Ally Against Terror”

    Some things never change.  After holding them in prison for only two years, including time served awaiting trial, the Yemeni government is releasing Saddam Hussein al-Rimi and Rami Hermel Hans.  Al-Rimi

    Musharraf is peeved.

    Pakistan’s so-called leader Pervez Musharraf is vexed.    He’s upset – not that his nation remains an example for third-world nations of how not to conduct their affairs, and not because

    POTUS reads my blog!

    I’ve had my suspicions for a while now, but this settles it.  The President referred to “carnival barkers” in his most recent speech.  Hardly common parlance for a presidential speech; it probably

    Threat to Halt Military Pay

    The Optimisic Conservative is reporting that the White House is threatening, in the event of a government shutdown, to interrupt pay for active duty military members.  This would mean that the