The GOP members of the Supercommittee

    From Daniel Foster at NRO: Today we learn the Republican picks in both the House and the Senate. Boehner is sending Reps. Jeb Hensarling (R., Texas), Dave Camp (R., Mich.) and Fred Upton (R., Mich.)(gag). Mitch McConnell is sending Sens. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.), Jon Kyl (R., Ariz.), and Rob Portman (R., Ohio).   I had a feeling that a retiring Senator like Kyl might be | Read More »

    Rate Bin Laden’s compound!

    Apparently, Bin Laden’s compound is already featured on Google Maps.   It’s not getting a lot of great reviews, but see for yourself.

    Suggested Mottoes For the TSA

    “Grope and Change.” “All Your Junk Are Belong To Us.” “Keep Grope Alive.” “Everyone Is innocent until proven Non-Muslim.”   Recruiting poster taglines: “The TSA:  Where sex offenders can bring their finely honed skills to bear in the workplace.” “Why pay for porn when you can work our scanners instead?”   And finally, a motto for those who dream of someday working for the TSA: “Today, the | Read More »

    On November 2nd, Let’s Wipe the Smirks Off Their Faces


    Mayor of San Gabriel, CA Cuts Out the Middleman

    From the Washington Examiner: A suburban Southern California mayor has resigned days after his arrest for a purse-snatching and wild ride through streets with a woman clinging to his sport utility vehicle. San Gabriel Mayor Albert Y.M. Huang says in an e-mail Tuesday to The Associated Press that he’s confident his reputation will be restored but decided to resign because of overwhelming media attention. Mr. | Read More »


    Office Vacancy Rate Hits a 17 Year High;There Are Some Telling Exceptions To the Bad News

    From the Wall Street Journal: Vacant office space continued to accumulate in the second quarter, the latest indication that businesses aren’t planning significant hiring in the near future. Office buildings across the U.S. lost 1.8 million square feet of occupied space in the quarter, pushing the national office vacancy rate to 17.4%, the highest level since 1993, according to New York-based research firm Reis Inc. | Read More »

    Opinion Journalism or Journolistism?

    Eric Alterman, member of the defunct(?) Journolist listserv writes in a column entitled “Sock It To “Em Obama!”: Obama needs to get his base excited again and the legislative record, as impressive as it is, ain’t going to do it. At the same time, the dude just doesn’t do “mad” very well.  Mr. Alterman makes a special point of singling out Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe | Read More »

    Let’s Adopt Mexico’s Immigration Law

    Since the President of Mexico is so upset with the state of Arizona and by extension, the rest of the United States, it is clear that he needs to be mollified–and I think I know how this can be done. Clearly Mr. Calderon believes that Mexico’s immigration laws are far more progressive and fair than our own–so why don’t we adopt Mexico’s legislation on immigration? | Read More »

    The Fort Hood Shootings–Only the Beginning?

    Although the news we’ve been getting about the shootings implies that this was a discrete incident involving a “disgruntled” soldier, this tragedy could be part of a larger, sonn to emerge, pattern. I hope I’m wrong about this, but consider the following from an analysis by Stratfor dated November 4, i.e., the day before the shootings:   In the 11th edition of the online magazine | Read More »

    The Opacity of Dopes

    Let’s call it “The New Openness”. Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee have voted down an amendment to make a health reform bill available online for 72 hours before any vote. AP:   The Democrats noted that unlike other committees, the Finance Committee works off conceptual language that describes policies — instead of legislative language that ultimately becomes law, and which the GOP amendment would | Read More »