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    Change it Back 2012

    Former Marine Sgt. Felix Quintan is out on a mission.    He is on a mission to defeat Obama in November.   He comes from Venezuela after the failed coup by now President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez.   He immigrated to the United States after the failed attempt by Hugo Chavez. He started Change it Back 2012 to help get the word out in a | Read More »

    Steve Foley Web Ad: Say No to Career Politicians #CA-47

    Tired of the political establishment in Washington playing games with the enormous challenges we’re facing as a nation? Looking for a candidate who’ll do more than just talk about limited government and fiscal responsibility? There’s only one in Congressional District (CD) 47. Steve Foley understands the challenges we’re facing today because he’s living them, too. All of his opponents are career politicians, content to maintain | Read More »

    Support anti-PIPA/SOPA candidates in primaries.

    RedState should be cheered for his principled stance on this issue. It takes courage sometimes for those of us on the right to stand firmly with the left on an issue of importance. It’s great to see sites like RedState and Credo on the same side of this issue. I agree 100% with the following statement in Eric’s email on Rubio’s change of heart about | Read More »

    Citizens 4 Cain

    Well, I am not dead and have been busy at work on getting a website up. Citizens 4 Cain. I know it is pretty early in the election cycle for the 2012 elections for the Presidency, but I feel that with the way the economy is going and the utter lack of business sense in DC today, we need someone like Herman Cain in the | Read More »

    Remember Me #ValourIT

    They come from all walks of life, and all have something that most in this country do not have. They have the mindset to go into harm’s way, without hesitation. Most of us if we hear gun shots run the other way, they run towards the gunshots. And you need to have something special to do that, and we must respect and honor that. And | Read More »


    We won the battle but not the war

    We had a good day on Tuesday and many Conservatives got elected into office.   But make no mistake the war is not won. The huge gains by the Republicans in the House and the gains in the Senate do not mean that our work is over.   This is just the beginning.  This is a long war that we need to win and we | Read More »


    We Will Be Victorious (Open Thread)

    A little music to put everyone in the mood for the elections.   We will win and do not let them cheat their ways in.

    The Wave or the Tsunami

    Tomorrow is the day, the day that we can change the direction of this country. The day where we can show the country that we are not going to take the spending and arrogance that has been show to us for the past 2 years (4 years if you include when the Democrats took over the House and Senate). Tomorrow we can win and win | Read More »



    On Tuesday, the American Public will have a referendum on Obama’s administration and the Democrat’s control over the House and Senate. This is no ordinary mid-term election, this is an election for the future direction of our country. Do we want the same tax and spend policies that the democrats have been using for the past 4 years – policies that made the recession worse | Read More »


    Tea Party Express “Liberty at the Ballot Box” tour

    Last night after work I walked down the street to Kiner Plaza for the Tea Party Express “Liberty at the Ballot Box” Tour rally. Saw some friends there. Eric Odom, Gateway Pundit, Jen Ennenbach of the St Louis Tea Party. And finally got to meet Kevin Jackson (The Blacksphere) and Andrea Shea King. Also saw Lloyd Marcus sing his songs that revved up the crown. | Read More »