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    Four Weeks – Remember November (Open Thread)

    There is a little less than a month left until the elections and the Republican Governors put out a great video Remember November

    Summer is over

    The weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter, so summer must be over. And really it could not get over fast enough for me. This has truly been the Summer From Hell for me. I am not going into details about that, but I think I am finally at peace with many things now. Ok, enough with the drama. Now that summer | Read More »


    RedState Gathering 2010 #RS10

    I had a blast at the RS Gathering and I am recovering as we speak. It was so much fun to see all the RedStaters from all over the country. There were over 200 people from 30 states there, and there was so many great speakers. But I think the best part was meeting people from all over the country and putting faces to names. | Read More »

    Memories of 9/11

    (originally posted at Stix Blog) Since I will not be around a computer most of tomorrow,I thought I would do a post on my reflections on that fateful day 9 years ago. I was on my way to work on the Metrolink, it was a beautifful day in St Louis.  I was thinking about a trip that I was gong to to on with family, | Read More »

    I can see November

    (Originally posted at the Washington Examiner Opinion Zone) I did not go to Right Online this year,  but I did watch many videos of the main speeches from the event; here is my take on what happened. This November is not just about Republicans taking back Congress or politics at all, or should I say, not politics as usual. November is about how we, as | Read More »

    Prop C Passes easily

    (originally posted at St Louis Examiner) Proposition C passes by an overwhelming support. 73% – 27% Will the people in Washington, DC finally get the message. We do not want the nanny state and the Government dictating how we live our daily lives. via Ballotpedia: The Missouri Health Care Freedom, Proposition C is on the August 3, 2010 statewide ballot in Missouri as an legislatively-referred | Read More »

    Dan Benishek

    (Origianally posted at Stix Blog) This year is one of those defining moments for this country. The Democrats have had control of Congress since 2006 and the economy has gone downhill since. There is an anti-incumbent fever sweeping the country. This is also the year for Conservatives to take back the GOP from those that act like Democrats, and cater to special interest groups. I | Read More »

    Bobby Jindal Speaking at Rally For Economic Survival — Open Thread

    While the President tried to shut down drilling operations in the Gulf Of Mexico, Bobby Jindal and many others gathered in the Cajun Dome to rally to stop the moratorium on drilling. Governor Bobby Jindal gives a speech at the Rally For Economic Survival in Lafayette, Louisiana. Over 11,000 people gathered at the Cajun Dome to protest what they say is an assault on Louisiana’s | Read More »

    MSM Bias

    As more and more people find out that most of the MSM are just shills for for the Democrat Party, the better the country will be. As EE posted on the FP today,  the Journolist were in full force to protect the Boy wonder who would become the Boy King.  The MSM tried to protect Obama from his association to a (Black) Liberation Theology priest, | Read More »


    “Kenneth Gladney Not Black Enough” to Protect – He’s an “Uncle Tom”

    Originally posted at St Louis Examiner Remember last year when Russ Carnahan had the sham of a Townhall and Kenneth Gladney got beaten down from a bunch of SEIU thugs????     Welll, the NAACP thinks that Kenneth Gladney is an “Uncle Tom” and would not help him. via GateWay Pundit On May 5th, 2010The Missouri NAACP hosted a press conference and rally on behalf of Perry | Read More »