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    Time to get off the couch and take back the party

    (Originally Posted at Washington Examiner Opinion Zone ) It is great to have the rallies and voice our opposition to what is going on in Washington, DC, but it should not stop there. We need to get out and change the Republican Party from within. The Tea Party groups have had their say and we need them to continue speaking out, but to really change | Read More »

    I miss my grandpa

    Tomorrow is Memorial Day, and for the past several years it has had a personal significance for me besides honoring those that have fallen in battle. It will be 10 yrs. since my grandfather passed away. My Grandfather was a doctor in WWII and went from France all the way to Japan, just after the bombs were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. As with most | Read More »

    Memorial Day

    This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and while everyone will be playing golf, BBQing, and having fun with friends, I want to make sure that everyone remember what this day means. My friend Penguin over at RedState has a great post to get people in the right frame of mind. Where Have All the Flags Gone? We need to remember what our men and women | Read More »


    (Consider this an open thread) Mom… You deserve much more than words can say; You make me feel I always will pray, “God, please, be with Mom in a special way. Give her Your blessings throughout the day. Show her the meaning, the reason for her to stay. Let Your angels guard her; don’t let her go astray. Help her see the good of Your | Read More »

    Tornados, Thunderstorms and floods oh my

    Over the last few days, there has been some tremendous rainstorms throughout the Midwest and Southern states. Here in St Louis area we were hit pretty bad This was the story over a wide area, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky and many other areas around the country. I know few of my friends got hit, some had flooding and loss of power and phone | Read More »

    Tea Party What’s next?????

    Today at RedState Erick Erickson posted 2 lively posts.    First he posted, The National Tax Day Amalgamated Federation of Confederated Unions of Concerned Tea Party Patriot Expresses of America and the United States Ltd., LLC, and Inc. But I have a simple message for them all — it is time to stop calling yourselves tea party activists and start calling yourselves concerned Americans. And after that, Deciding I’m Right. | Read More »

    The Quiet Anger

    Today on American Spectator, James P Gannon has an excellent post about America’s Quiet Anger. There is a quiet anger boiling in America. It is the anger of millions of hard-working citizens who pay their bills, send in their income taxes, maintain their homes and repay their mortgage loans — and see their government reward those who do not….. I do agree that there is | Read More »

    Manbearpig lives (at least in AlGore’s mind)

    We all thought that the myth of Manbearpig was finally settled after the Climategate.  It showed what many of us have known all along but could not prove, that much of the Global Warming Climate Change Manbearpig data was suspect and most likely altered or skewed to a certain outcome. But give some props to AlGore for his stubbornness.   I am serial.  He is still | Read More »

    Obama in St Louis

    Yesterday, Obama came to St Louis to once again explain to us Rubes the Obamacare Bill.  At St Charles High School some 400 people attending Obama’s campaign rally, or I mean Obamacare Rally.  Elsewhere in St Charles there was a gathering  of 2225 when only 600 were expected for an anti-Obamacare rally. Gateway Pundit has the details: 1,800+ showed up to watch a live video | Read More »

    Unite or Die

    A few years ago, HBO had a series about John Adams. It was a great illustration of how our country came to be. Citizens of the North American Continent went against England, one of the most powerful countries in the world. There were many disagreements amongst the American colonists on what to do about the overbearing English. But in the end they came to an | Read More »