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    Spending Limit Amendment

    Today, Reps. Pence and Hensarling, proposed an Amendment that would limit the amount of money the government spends to 20% of the GDP.   This will ensure that the government will not pile onto the enormous debt we have already.    This is a common sense solution to the problem of the ever increasing spending spree that CONgress critters and politicians in general like to do when in | Read More »

    Alternative to Obamacare

    While I was at CPAC, RedState and the people of CPAC had some Congress critters and other speakers come by to give a little Q&A in the Blogger’s Lounge and made themselves available for interviews. When Congressman Steve King came by Blogger’s Row, Skye had the chance to interview him, while I played cameraman. There was a lot of commotion in the hallway during the | Read More »


    Promoted by Jeff. I was one of the many credentialed bloggers for this year’s CPAC, and I want to thank the people at RedState for making it one of the best political events I have attended, especially for bloggers.   We had many great people come by and speak to us and were available for interviews.  With past events, bloggers were put into a corner and | Read More »


    RIP John Murtha

    John Murtha has died due to complications from gallbaldder surgery. I was never a fan of his pork spending and sweet deals for local military contractors, but I never wanted him out of office this way. As with Kennedy I wanted them defeated in the war of ideas and not out of our lives forever. I wish his family the best and will not say | Read More »

    This is just the beginning of our fight

    What is it that Conservatives want???? And when do we want it??? This is a good question to ask and also answer since we are in the Primary season around the country. I thought this would be a good time to post this with the IL Primaries tomorrow and in other states. First what do Conservatives want??  This is not as hard as one might | Read More »


    Brown won, now what???

    I decided to put off doing a post on what the victory of Brown.   As I expected many people have misunderstood what this will mean.    This has put a big monkey wrench onto Obama and the Democrats agenda. This was not just about Health Care or local issues.  This was a repudiation of the Democrats arrogance and the policies of Obama.   The worst thing that | Read More »

    Manbearpig has been exaggerated

    Tonight on KUSI, there will be a special about Global Warming (Manbearpig). It was inspired by the leak of the CRU emails and files that have shown that much of what we have heard from the so-called Climate experts has been manipulated and for the most part totally wrong. In the famous Hockey Stick graph, they leave out many well documented Climate changes that show | Read More »

    Out with 2009 and in with 2010

    Since it is getting close to the end of the year and we are going to be having a very interesting year for elections, I thought I would do a review post about 2009 and a look at maybe what’s ahead for 2010. And bare with my ramblings, but I am going to do this off the cuff. We started the year off in a | Read More »


    Slaying Leviathan

    First off, I got this book free from the Publishing Company because am friends with Leslie ever since I met her at the Chicago Samsphere a few years ago. And also I will not get anything if anyone buys this book. Slaying Leviathan: The Moral Case for Ta Reform is a book that I think every American should read. It takes you on a journey | Read More »

    Manbearpig Explained

    Here is a few videos about Manbearpig (Climate Change) and why we should not have any kind of a law or legislation coming form the shindig in Copenhagen.    The Earth’s Climate is in constant change and we have no way of controlling it. Via KUSI John Coleman Joseph D’Aleo Richard Lindzen Willie Soon Cross posted at Stix Blog, Blogivists and Sidetick