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    Conservatives and the GOP

    As a Conservative that thinks the GOP has lost its way, there is a good question going around on what we should do as a movement. Many of us in the Conservative Movement feel that the GOP has taken advantage of us and will not change their ways.  That the GOP thinks that we have no other place to go, so why do they need | Read More »


    Last night was an interesting night for the Conservative Movement.   For the most part it was a good night, with some setbacks.   Last night the Conservatives won 2 out of 3 of the major elections the country was watching.   The only loss was in NY 23, when Bill Owens beat Doug Hoffman for the special election.  But overall the Conservatives did well in many local | Read More »


    CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf on Medicare Advantage

    I know this is Fun Friday, but this is too important to not post.  This will effect many lower income retirees and many middle class retirees.   My mom uses this through doctors here that formed a alliance that uses the Medicare Advantage recipients, but the alliance of doctors will not see people that use regular Medicare.   This will force many retirees and also doctors to | Read More »


    Obama open to newspaper bailout bill

    This is truly a scary proposition.  It is bad enough that the MSM is already in the tank for the Obama administration, but to have the Federal Government bail out the newspaper industry is a really really bad  idea.   What kind of hoops are they going to have to do to get money from the Federal Government.  We do not need Pravda here in the | Read More »

    A GOP Bill Worse than ObamaCare?

    Never thought I would see this day, but a Republican has a worse Health Care Bill than Obamacare.  It must be snowing in Hell tonight. via Club For Growth Utah “Republican” Sen. Bob Bennett just threw President Obama a lifeline by pushing for his own version of a government-run health care bill. In many respects Bennett’s bill is worse than ObamaCare and costs six times | Read More »


    Fly your Flag

    Got this in an email and have seen it around for a while: On September 11th We have less than one month to get the word out all across this great land and into every community in the United States of America . If you forward this email to least 11 people and each of those people do the same … you get the idea. | Read More »


    I am reporting myself

    OK , for all of Obama’s blunders and naivete of foreign policy and basic economics, I can give him some slack.   But when you have any administration snitch on fellow citizens, there is a cause to be alarmed.    What is the purpose of gathering opposition to the Obamacare Bill.   How are they going to use this information and who is going to see it.   And | Read More »


    When will the IL GOP get it

    I know that Illinois is a Liberal state and will mainly be run by Democrats and Liberal Republicans.   But when you are the GOP and kick out a Conservative candidate because a established Republican is scared of his presence, then you have got troubles and will not learn anything that is going on in the grass roots of the Conservative Movement and will loose many | Read More »


    The Truth about Manbearpig

    Why I do this

    Well, if you haven’t noticed, I have not been posting too many actually political stuff for a while.  Mainly cartoons and cut and pasting news stories.  One of the reasons is that I have gotten more into Twitter, and it has made my attention span about that of a gnat.   Also I have been busy with other things not affiliated with politics or online stuff.   | Read More »