Jerome Corsi and Van Jones and Young White Males, Oh My

By now, you’ve most likely heard quite a bit about Van Jones, the White House Green Jobs czar.  The self-described communist who is in charge of the White House’s efforts to remake a capitalist economy (now there’s a misfit) has been shown to be quite the radical in the last few days.

Van Jones’ focus is supposedly on the creation of “green jobs.”  He couldn’t tell Newsweek magazine what a green job is, but he’s supposed to create them.  And that’s not even the best part – despite 60 billion dollars being devoted to the “building of a new green-based economy […] not one green job yet exists.”  Were the rest of the Van Jones saga completely nonexistent, it’s hard to imagine that someone would have difficulty creating jobs of any kind with 60 billion dollars.  Van Jones, at least at first glance, is a singularly ineffective person at growing (*snicker*) green jobs.

But the fun is only just beginning. Van Jones has also been shown to be a 9/11 Truther.  For as much time as the media spent decrying the section of Americans who believe (without much evidence) that Barack Obama was born outside of the United States, there has been (un)surprisingly little coverage of Van Jones outside of the blogosphere and Fox News.

For example, in all of 2009, Van Jones has been mentioned by the Washington Post, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times a combined four times.  The Washington Post ran one story, the LA Times ran three (one of which was about Fox News host Glenn Beck tearing in to his past associations), which leaves (shockingly enough) zero stories in the New York Times.

A brief hypothetical: Say that John McCain had been elected.  I know, that’s quite a stretch, but bear with me.  Say that John McCain had hired Jerome Corsi (author of Obama Nation and the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth controversy) for a relatively unimportant post in the White House.  Jerome Corsi has a Ph.D from Harvard, somewhat like Van Jones has a law degree from Yale.  Corsi has said and done very controversial things, somewhat like Van Jones has said.

Would Fox News have reported on Corsi?  And more importantly, would Corsi have been summarily ignored by the network news services?

I think not.

Now imagine that Corsi accused Barack Obama of allowing a massive tragedy to occur – say a mass outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus – which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans, for the purpose of cold, hard cash.

As I write this, CNN’s Situation Room is leading their show with the Van Jones story.  This is the first story to be run on Van Jones this year outside of Fox News and Fox Business Network, according to a Nexis search.

And it only took Glenn Beck a solid week of talking about nothing but him to break through the Cone of Silence.  Remember, this is the self-described “rowdy black nationalist,” communist – and now, sympathizer with we poor oppressed white males:

No.  HECK no.  I refuse, absolutely refuse, to become an instrument of Democrat politics.  I will not become a demographic, classified by my skin color, to be denigrated, pandered to, and ultimately destroyed by policies earnestly sold by snake-oil salesmen who claim to just want to help me with problems I don’t have.

The jobless rate in this country still needs to go up by at least one.  And possibly, whoever hired this race-baiting jerk.

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