Obama’s Tax Limbo

    I predict $100,000. We’re close. Maybe by next week. Thank God for Joe the Biden.

    Now it’s my 401(k)

    OK, I admit I’m a couple weeks behind on this issue but I just heard it on Rush today. So the latest way the Democrats have dreamed up to stick their hands into my pocket and take my money is through my 401(k). Apparently they’re looking to kill the 401(k) incentives and instead have you transfer your savings into government-created “guaranteed retirement accounts” for every | Read More »

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    Barack Obama’s Social Democracy

    I recently discovered the following quote by Mark Steyn in his book America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It which I find incredibly insightful: The trouble with the social-democratic state is that, when government does too much, nobody else does much of anything. We’ve heard a lot recently about socialism. Wikipedia defines socialism as A broad set of economic theories of | Read More »

    McCain needs to go on Economic Offensive

    I repeatedly hear over and over about Barack Obama’s tax plan and how he will provide “tax cuts” for 95% of American families. Folks, nearly 50% of American’s do not pay taxes. Zero. What Barack is doing is reaching into American’s pockets, taking their money, then redistributing how he sees fit. His “tax cuts” for the middle class are stimulus checks. I finally heard a | Read More »

    Democratic Definition of Fiscal Responsibility

    Lisa Johnson is a Democrat who is running for the Utah State House of Representatives. On her website, Mrs. Johnson has a list of issues that she feels are important. One of which is fiscal responsibility that she feels involve three key components: wisely managing resources, preparing for the future, and avoiding debt. The Obama-Biden ticket should talk with Mrs. Johnson. During the presidential debate, | Read More »

    The Obama Doctrine

    During the vice-presidential debate, the moderator Gwen Ifill asked Joe Biden the following question: “You argued for intervention in Bosnia and Kosovo, initially in Iraq and Pakistan and now in Darfur, putting U.S. troops on the ground. Boots on the ground. Is this something the American public has the stomach for?” After a lengthy answer from Senator Biden, Ms. Ifill followed up with the question, | Read More »

    “Patriotic” Wealth Redistribution

    Throughout the past several months I have repeatedly heard the claim that Senator Barack Obama will be giving a significant tax cut to lower and middle class families. This claim has been made by the mainstream media (for example Charles Gibson mentioned it in his interview of Sarah Palin) and by the surrogates from the Barack Obama campaign. It is even contained in Mr. Obama’s | Read More »

    Straight from the JFK Playbook

    I can not find a more elegant way to describe the need for Senator John McCain’s Pro-Growth Tax Policy than those uttered by John F. Kennedy during a speech to the Economic Club of New York on Dec. 14, 1962: “There are a number of ways by which the Federal Government can meet its responsibilities to aid economic growth. We can and must improve American | Read More »