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    Social Media: Of Neural Networks and Kabbalah

    We have certainly seen a great deal of drama over the weekend concerning the community aspect of Red State, and the tendency of like-minded people to consistently recommend diaries by other like-minded people.  The drama has generated more heat than light, and the shouting matches over terms like “cabal” and “clique” no doubt delight the opponents of that overarching belief system shared by all members of the | Read More »

    Red State Gathering: The Right Has The Fighters To Take On The Leftwaffe

    Sometimes, during those residual bursts of compassionate conservatism, I almost feel sorry for the left. They just don’t know what is about to hit them. Kind of like those WWII German bomber pilots, confidently assured that the Royal Air Force had all but been destroyed, only to run into a hornets’ nest of Spitfires and Hurricanes. For years the left has been mounting a full | Read More »

    On The Radio Tonight: Dr Strangelove- Why The Left Fails At Diversity

    You can always tell when liberals have been working at their chosen vocation of bringing social concord to the public square. Everyone is at each other’s throats. With elegant wickedness, lefties fling accusations of bigotry at all who oppose them, then blame the resulting anger on the base instincts of voters as yet unredeemed by their salvific message. Clearly, the situation merits closer examination. For | Read More »

    Adventures in Twitterville (#damnyou @CalebHowe)

    Twitter first crossed my radar screen when Michael Patrick Leahy appeared on Steve Foley’s Aftermath Radioto talk about Top Conservatives on Twitter. I didn’t know hardly anything about twitter at the time, so signed up. At first, it seemed that “Fritter” should have been the real name for the site- it used up a lot of time, with little to show up front. Truthfully, I | Read More »

    Obama- Gibbs and Takes: Why the O-Team Is Clueless About Tea Parties

    It must be wonderful to work in the White House.  Who wouldn’t want that taxpayer-funded trip along the lush banks of DeNile?  True, there are those pesky revolts of the toiling masses. I’m sure pharaoh and his minions probably didn’t understand the ancient Israelites, either. The president has asserted, unbelievably, that he was not aware of the tea parties.  His press secretary, so reports Tommy Christopher, | Read More »

    The Monarchy Report- Bringing You the Latest From the Court of Barack Obama

    You are invited to listen to this weekly audio (roughly 3 minutes), which concentrates on the explosion of enlightened goings-on at the court of Our Most High Sovereign, Barack Obama. This week’s topics include the G-20, the Saudi bow*, the Palin pretenders and bankers vs pitchforks. *Can we now put to rest, forever, the nutroots rantings about GWB’s cozy relationship with the Saudis?

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    If You Have Had ENOUGH, Vote Tedisco! A Message for NY 20th CD Voters

    Membership in the House of Representatives is an important job. We are getting a painful reminder of this in 2009. With the Democrats in charge of both the White House and Congress, the government is on a spending spree that is unparalleled in American history. The March 31st election is your chance to send a message to the nation’s leaders. And that message is that | Read More »

    On The Radio Tonight- Tancredo & Howe!

    Congressman Tom Tancredo Caleb Howe- you will see it his way- or else! We have a good show planned for you on Italian Tomatoes tonight. Congressman Tom Tancredo will appear and talk about illegal immigration in the context of the current recession. And our own Caleb Howe, no doubt fatigued by his high maintenance partnership with movie star Tommy Christopher, will return to the fold | Read More »

    Introducing- The Monarchy Report on TMR

    Ah, conservatives, forget the worried talk about Obama being a closet Bolshie. Relax! In truth, Obama is much more in the mold of those traditional monarchs of the Old Regime, who in theory possessed absolute power, but who in practice delegated their authority to whichever faction at their court caught the Royal Ear. As one of our many public services, The Minority Report and Italian | Read More »

    Breaking: Gregg is OUT! And another one bites the dust

    He cites irreconcileable differences.  (In the Obama land of romance, you don’t just withdraw, you get divorced!)