And now, O Faithful, Let Us Pray and Beseech The One

And Lord Obama Bless Us, Everyone!

Let us begin the week with prayer in the grace-filled setting of the Obama cyberchapel!


May the Obamites continue to make cracks about John McCain’s age, as an important sliver of the huge boomer demographic moves into their sixties…

Lord Obama, hear our prayer!

May The Iconic One continue to be seen in settings divorced from the experience of The Unworthy- Europe, Hawaii, etc…

Lord Obama, hear our prayer!

May The One continue to astonish the world with His wisdom and courage and proclaim that issues such as abortion are “above my pay grade”. May His Head not be overwhelmed with the realization that He is running for P-R-E-S-I-D-E-N-T…

Lord Obama, hear our prayer!

May Howard Dean, the patron saint of Trust Fund Babies, continue to dazzle the world with the Blinding Whiteness of holiness and racialize the campaign for The Faithful…

Lord Obama, hear our prayer!

May the House continue to wander in the desert, removed from the snares and cares of the world, espcially its need for oil. May divine favor follow Madame Speaker, radiating charity and holiness, and may she grant us a plentiful supply of candles as we curse the Prince of Darkness, Bush McCheney HitlerBurton…

Lord Obama, hear our prayer!. For WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for! AMEN!

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