Former Cheerleader Campbell Brown Joins the Obama Campaign

Sometimes tiny slips of the tongue can be quite revealing.

Today the Washington Post’s Howie Kurtz is making the McCain campaign out to be the bad guy for pushing back hard on some of the most scurrilous press coverage supposedly legitimate media have ever served up on a public figure: Alaska Governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Naturally, Kurtz delves into the contretemps over John McCain cancelling an interview with CNN’s Larry King, presumably in favor of a leisurely bowel movement, over the spittle-flecked performance of former cheerleader and sorority sister Campbell Brown in interview McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds.

“The interview was totally fair,” Brown said. “I was trying to get an answer. I was persistent, but I was respectful. That’s my job. Experience is a legitimate issue when John McCain raises it about Obama, and it’s also legitimate for us to raise it about Palin.”

Note the construction:

Experience is a legitimate issue when John McCain raises it about Obama, and it’s also legitimate for *us *to raise it about Palin.

That tells you all you need to know about the press coverage. McCain has to raise issues concerning Obama campaign and the media is raising issues on the McCain campaign.

In a nutshell that is why the Obama connection to Ayers isn’t covered. That’s why Obama’s sweetheart real estate deal isn’t explored. That’s why Tony Rezko might as well not exist. That’s why utterly scurrilous and facially ridiculous stories on Governor Palin are given front page attention in major papers. That’s why former cheerleader Campbell Brown, who is allegedly a reporter, has never seen fit to ask a single question about Obama’s qualifications for office.

Because it is up to John McCain to raise issues about Obama while the media raises issues about McCain. And Barrack Obama just grins from the sideline.

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