Sergeant Bergdahl and thinking the worst of the Obama regime

    In view of the past five years of the Obama regime we’ve learned that just when you reach the point where you want to say “they’d never do that” you come up short and admit that they would. For instance, the using the IRS as political Brown Shirts has been passe since Richard Nixon tried it circa 1972. Benghazi: whether or not a rescue was | Read More »

    Philadelphia Eagles Sign Ranger Officer and Combat Veteran To Contract

    Philadelphia Eagles Sign Ranger Officer and Combat Veteran To Contract

    I’ve never been a huge Eagles fan, but that just might change. The Eagles have signed 6’9″, 277-lb Alejandro Villanueva as a rookie free agent to play on the Eagles defensive line. So what? you ask. Villanueva graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering and was commissioned into the U.S. Army on May 22, 2010 | Read More »

    Gizmodo Punks

    Ezra Klein’s new venture,, which that numskull Jeff Bezos refused to fund to the tune of $10+million has as its mission to explain everything you need to know about complicated subjects. For instance, if you want to know why confiscatory taxation is a really good thing, then you can read Matthew Yglesias’ epic Beyond the Laffer Curve–the case for confiscatory taxation. A couple of | Read More »

    @Maddow Lies and HuffPo’s @CathTaibi Acts As Fluffer

    On the left the term “debunking” has a unique meaning. It means you make up something your opponent never said then point out what they never said is wrong. Then you set back and wait for the usual collection of booklicks and fluffers to come along and proclaim your brilliance. This is what happened this week on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, at least according to | Read More »

    Helen Thomas Attends Eighth Circle Gala

    Helen Thomas, no-talent “journalist”, partisan hack, raving anti-semite, and the living embodiment of Rush Limbaugh’s theory that feminism was developed to give ugly women an entree into society, died yesterday at age 92.

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    Tom Ridge: Unindicted Co-conspirator

    Tom Ridge: Unindicted Co-conspirator

    In Philadelphia were are being treated to the logical outcome of unprincipled pseudo-conservatism. An abortionist by the name of Kermit Gosnell is on trial for murder because some of the infants he was supposed to kill were inconveniently born alive. Gosnell’s defense is that the babies of poor and minority women deserve to be killed and to prosecute him is racism. That’s right. Racism. But | Read More »

    Captain Bullcrap Steps On Himself

    You didn’t have to be a genius to predict this wasn’t going to work out well for our president, Captain Bullcrap. The hallmark of his presidency has been trying to portray an obvious wimp and sissy as an tough leader. To do that we have to over look his Mom jeans and girlie baseball throw and focus on how tough it is for the Leader | Read More »

    Updated and Bumped: Ambitious Writers, Here’s Your Opportunity

    Update: Don’t sweat finding images. A good essay is more than sufficient. As most of you know the RedState Gathering is underway. As my wife would not turn over the credit cards to me I’m still at home but most of the contributors are at The Gathering. This presents the ambitious among you with an opportunity. The front page needs stories for the next three | Read More »

    Jonathan Chait Hears A Dog Whistle

    We’ve been told now for over four years that any criticism of Obama is not based on his ineptness, incompetence, corruption, or moral cowardice but rather on our own racism. If you want to know why Obama’s “you didn’t build that” statement resonates, it has nothing to do with Obama’s dislike for America or his rejection of hard work and exceptionalism as American values. Rather | Read More »

    Obama Administration To Increase Fast & Furious After Aurora Shootings

    The only saving grace of having a president devoid of principles, experience, or class is that he and his sycophants, when under pressure, routinely push forward statements and ideas that are so bizarre as to be unbelievable outside a very low-brow comedy routine. For instance. Having suffered through 40 months of economic mismanagement unlike anything we’ve experienced since FDR, we’re told by the president, with | Read More »