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    New France: Will America Enter An Age Of Ausonius?

    Like many, I hoped McCain would win, but intellectually knew he would lose. We were asking America to do one recently uncharacteristic thing in this election: choose age, experience, self-sacrifice, and competence over perpetual adolescence, indulgence, inexperience, and energy.We were asking Baby Boomers – let me emphasize BABY here – and their younger minions to hand power backward to an older generation, and specifically to | Read More »

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    Why The Culture Wars Are More Important Than the Economy

    People are concentrating on the slogan “It’s the economy, stupid!” again, but they fail to see why the economy’s troubles are based on the assault on masculinity, which radical feminists started decades ago.First of all, if we postulate an Obama win on Tuesday, forgive us: in either case, the simple rise of such a character to such a height does not inspire confidence in America’s | Read More »

    Teaching Children About Socialism The Easy Way…And Adults!

    For those of you with children in school – of any age – who might be wondering what all this “socialism” and “redistribution” talk is about, I offer my handy-dandy method from my classroom.I say: Imagine that I take all the grades from the last quiz, add them up, and average them out to a grade of C -. Since it is not fair that | Read More »

    Why The Left-Wing Always Wants A Larger Budget: Not Just To Buy Votes!

    Class warfare in America has become worse than ever before, thanks to the Dems and their constant agitprop about “tax cuts for the WEALTHY” and “tax breaks for BIG CORPORATIONS.” I am reminded of class-warfare complaints in England during the 1930’s about “the idle rich.”This implies that your bank account is robbed by the Republicans and the money is handed over e.g. to a billionaire | Read More »

    Good Christians! Where Are You?

    I have written various pieces (q.v.) about the few bishops of the Catholic Church who stood up to Pelosi and Biden last month about abortion, which brought back the debate about excommunicating leftist Catholics (oxymoron alert!) who support all sorts of issues inimical to Catholic/Christian teachings, or at least denying them Communion at Mass, a sort of half-way step toward excommunication.One archbishop, Raymond Burke of | Read More »

    WSJ News Alert! Dumbbell Nobel Prize: Paul Krugman for Economics???

    Okay, all the puns are over: I had to cheer myself up some way!But the Nobel committee in socialist Sweden has been going awry for years, and not just on the Economics prize.What will the guys over at National Review’s “Krugman Truth Squad” do now?

    Socialist Billionaires and Payback for 2004

    Let’s start off with a random list of Billionaires who want Big Brobama erected as president, whether they are guilty about their wealth and want to push a left-wing agenda, or because they see a socialist government as an easier way for them to exert more personal power over the world, or both, or because they have some other reason rooted in potty-training or abusive | Read More »

    Are Americans Paying Attention? The Mystery of Happy Democrats!

    One of the great mysteries to me so far is the happiness and great expectations of the Dems that they will increase their hold over Congress with approval ratings of what they have done so far at 9%!It might be even lower given the “bailout” bill this past week!So, why are the Dems so gleeful and positive that the Republican minority will be booted out???Are | Read More »

    Pro-Obama Manipulation Revealed At Intrade

    Earlier I commented on the Intrade trend showing Big Brobama trading at near 7 out of 10, and wondered if any manipulation was going on by Big Brobama’s Beneficent Billionaires.Well!I came across a post by the CEO of Intrade on obvious manipulation during the Palin/Biden debate, manipulation pro-Dem. I was watching in real-time the trading that was happening on both the McCain and Obama for | Read More »