OWS and 9-11 – interesting perspective

    A good friend of mine who lost MANY friends on 9-11 emailed the following to me earlier today: “I don’t know why I do it but I just can’t help myself. I walked through Zucotti Park last night around 7pm just to see what this filth was up to. When I saw an old man with a sign that read “America is a Terrorist Nation” | Read More »

    Closed Minded Leftists at UNC

    Former congressman Tom Tancredo attmepted to delvier a talk about illegal immigration last night at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  The congressman didn’t get the chance to speak however because a group of radical close minded leftists prevented it by using violence.  Some may say that the shattering of a window is not violence.  To those I ask well then, what is | Read More »


    Many people who are fed up with the both the amount of money that the federal government spends on boondoggles and the manner in which that money otherwise is spent plan to voice their displeasure at “tea parties” tomorrow.    Because tomorrow is “tax day”, what better day to voice discontent over the government’s intrusion into our monetary well being?   As best I can tell, | Read More »


    Let Them Eat Cake

    Just read the post that contends Rahm Emaneul does not pay real estate taxes on his residence because the property is used for a charitable trust. Even if the property does qualify, shouldn’t Rahm be asked why he feels he shouldn’t pay taxes. I’ll bet his explanaiton is akin to “Let Them Eat Cake” Afterall, its patriotic. Would love to see further information on this. | Read More »

    Biden’s Estate Planning

    Just read about Rahm’s little scam. If true, where is the media? If it is his residence, he is a slime ball to the nth degree. “Let them eat cake”. Another limo liberal. I spoke to many people pre election who said they wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more in taxes if it helped the country. They seemed to have drunk the Biden “patriotic | Read More »

    Oprah Doesn’t Get It

    Orpah Winfrey has declared that for the first time since 9-11 the country is united. Her conclusion proves what we all know. Conservatives and Republicans are open-minded, optimistic and respectful of the American way. The country is united because we lost and those who have refused to try to unite over the past seven years have won. Turn the tables and we were prepared for | Read More »

    I Meant To Vote No.

    National Review has the audio of an Obama incident that nearly led to blows in the Illinois senate. Perhaps this is a good rebuttal to the “temperament” argument, but more importantly Obama is heard to say that he had voted yes, but meant to vote no. Add that to the “I apologize for being late” video and we could have created another “who can you | Read More »


    Support Our Troops – Defeat Murtha

    Make a donation to the Russell campaign if you can. I did it yesterday. Believe me, I am “tapped out”, but after making the donation my eyes filled up. In a small way I was showing my support for our troops.

    We Can Do This

    For those of you in the swing states, PLEASE write a simple, one topic, letter to your LOCAL newspaper. Appeal to those who are like you but perhaps are still undecided. Keep your letter simple and make those who are on the fence wonder about any one of a number of topics – Obama’s lack of any meaningful achievement, abortion, especially partial birth abortion, radical | Read More »

    Bag The Rallies

    Not sure if political rallies are serving our ticket right now. There is little media coverage, and the appeal is to those who are already committed. The college football schedule should be used to our advantage. If I were running Senator McCain’s campaign, I would be sure that he be in Gainsville for the start of the Florida football game, and then in Tallahassee for | Read More »