Enough of high unemployment and slow economic growth. Enough of high gas and food prices. Enough of foreclosures and food stamps.   Enough of intrusive government and wasteful spending. Enough of stifling regulations and union payoffs. Enough of crony capitalism and corporate bailouts.   Enough of race-baiting and class warfare. Enough of bowing to dictators and apologies for America. Enough of trillion dollar deficits and debt | Read More »

    FWIW: Another Scathing Letter to Senators Warner & Webb

    The Honorable Mark Warner and Jim Webb United States Senate On July 27th I took time off from work to go to your Capitol Hill office.  While there I left a message with your staff and they assured me that they read all messages received during the day.  My message was a hand-written note on the behalf of my six young boys, ages one to | Read More »

    Would you loan money to this guy?

    I currently owe $143,000 on my existing mortgage and would like to take out a home equity line of credit of $28,000 (a 20% increase).  For the next tax year I anticipate earning about $22,000 and spending $38,000 (borrowing 40% of what I spend).  With a plan from my financial advisors (Boehner & Reid), I could reduce my spending by somewhere between $170 to $220 | Read More »

    The Pervs and Thieves of NY’s Congressional Caucus

    Congressman Anthony Weiner (D) — resigned over sex scandal Congressman Christopher Lee (R) — resigned over sex scandal Congressman Eric Massa (D) — resigned over sex scandal Congressman Charlie Rangel (D) — censured for ethics violations Congressman Gregory Meeks (D) — under investigation for ethics violations


    Stop the Senate’s Nonsense Senators Warner & Webb

    Dear Senators Warner and Webb,   Virginians and the American people have spoken loudly and clearly … will you listen?   Starting with the landslide election of Governor McDonnell over a year ago, to last month’s Congressional elections, Virginians have sent a clear message to Washington, “We oppose the direction President Obama and his administration is taking our country.” Elections results since last year (Governor | Read More »

    Slaughter-ed By Obamacare

    BILL OF RIGHTS Freedom of Religion/Free Speech Right to Bear Arms Freedom from Quartering Freedom from Unreasonable Search & Seizure Right to Due Process Right to Speedy Trial Right to Trial by Jury Freedom from Cruel & Unusual Punishment Enumeration of Rights Powers Not Delegated The Deem-o-crats will kill an least two and continue weakening and killing the other eight

    Rep Gerry Connolly (VA-D) – A Foolish Man with a Foolish Vote

    Reply sent in response to my Congressman’s justification letter for voting to pass the health care bill. Dear Representative Connolly, Thank you for your letter dated, December 4, 2009, explaining why you supported the Affordable Health Care for America Act (H.R. 3962). In the letter you state you voted for H.R. 3962 because it met your tests of “Lower Costs, Increased Choice, Higher Quality, and | Read More »

    Challenge to the Republican Party and its Senate Caucus: This is Your Moment

    Time for our Senators to “Man Up” and kill the health care reform bill Republican Senators: Sixty-five years ago this month, against all odds a group of determined Americans held out against an onslaught of an army of tyranny and changed history. This is your moment in history. In December of 1944, the German Army mounted a huge counter-offensive to capture the port of Antwerp, | Read More »