Doom And Gloom Is For Losers (Cheer Up And Vote My Friends)

    I know he has been depressing lately, but on Thursday Rove said we always poll really bad on this particular weekend. The fact is, no one knows what the deal is this year. You have several things in play that have never happened before. 1 A 50/50 split in the democratic primaries that left possibly 6 million people enraged. (PUMAS) 2 You have a half | Read More »

    The Oracle Is Always Right

    The other day on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough mentioned that Warren Buffet had met Sarah Palin. According to Joe, Warren thought Gov. Palin was very smart, driven, and a quick study. I searched and searched to try and find the exact quote, but to no avail. The only thing I could find was this video of Warren after Sarah was elected Governor of Alaska. Other | Read More »

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    Bill Clinton Is Awesome

    Out of sheer curousity I watched the View today. I wanted to see what Mr. Clinton had to say about the financial mess and how it will affect the election. I also wanted to see if his recent history held true and he would completely leave Obama out of the conversation. Well he didn’t disappoint!

    9/11 From The Leftist View

    Just thought I would share with you this piece of filth I found. I have been looking around at different site’s to see the feel of the country today. I never dreamed I would see such a reprehensible opinion on a day like today. This make’s it clear as day that the enemy of this country is actually the far left lunatic’s who occupy the | Read More »

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    The Far Left

    I just got done watching Larry King and he had Arianna Huffington on. Well I didn’t actually watch it all, because I couldn’t take anymore. As I watched this woman spout her liberal filth I was bewildered. There before me sat a woman with a thick foreign accent voicing her opinion on what our country should be. You know the views…leave Iraq now, leave Iraq | Read More »

    My First Try At A Diary

    I’m not a great writer, or the type who comes up with some great argument defending this or that. I am just a regular middle class guy who believes in certain things, and believes them to the core. I cannot begin to tell you what the selection of Sarah Palin does for me. As a father of 3 young daughters. I feel like this woman | Read More »

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