Tired of the Northeastern RINOs Yet?

    Take note, South Carolina.  We know that Mitt Romney has been on all sides of basically every issue, but the broader concern here is:  are conservatives tired of stressing about and being duped by northeastern so-called Republicans and their mostly liberal voting records–leading to political survival in Democrat states.  But, seriously, is anyone else tired of this? And again, I ask,  why is a government-run healthcare lover a | Read More »

    Parental consent for TSA pat-downs, but not for abortions

    Outrage over the video posted on YouTube of a six-year old girl being “patted down” by a TSA employee triggered this potential change to TSA procedures: In response to a YouTube video of a 6-year-old girl receiving a pat-down from a Transportation Security Administration officer, Congressman Jason Chaffetz is drafting legislation that will require parental supervision during the pat-down of a child. “They claim there | Read More »

    What are the Planned Parenthood contributions from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation used for?

    This has been an ongoing controversy and now that LiveAction has come out with another sting on Planned Parenthood, this is significant.  The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation states in its March 2011 Statement on Planned Parenthood: Early screening through mammograms and education is critical to end the suffering from this disease: 98 percent of women treated for early stage breast cancer, before it | Read More »

    Speaker Boehner needs to show America What Real Leadership Is

    Americans delivered the House a record 63 Republican seats to ensure that the peoples’ voices would be heard.  And, while the voters thought their message was clear and received, now, it seems, the real battle ensues. While Congress continues to kick the budget and debt can down the road and passes continuing resolutions to thwart a government shutdown, the Democrat leadership has dropped several messages to the GOP leadership: “They | Read More »

    Obama’s refusal to provide records on healthcare meetings should sound alarms

    The obvious question is why?  Why would the Obama administration who boasted open and transparent discussions of such a sensitive subject as healthcare close the door to the opportunity to present its factual case to the American people?  Messaging anyone?  Nope. Complying with the records request from the House Energy and Commerce Committee “would constitute a vast and expensive undertaking” and could “implicate longstanding executive branch | Read More »

    Video: WI Dem. Rep. Gordon Hintz understands why he is the minority party

    Simply priceless to watch WI Democrat Gordon Hintz have this meltdown on the Assembly floor.  Take away his anger and you’d think he was talking about the Obamacare bill that was rammed down our throats this time last year.  But, I guess that was different–government takeover of one-sixth of the US economy, increasing health insurance premiums, and stripping doctors and patients of their rights is good, whereas fixing | Read More »

    Wisconsin Democrat Fleebaggers violate Senate Rule 23

    Yes, Rule 23: Senate Rule 23    Senate Rule 23. Committee not to be absent. Members of a committee, except a conference committee, may not be absent by reason of their appointment during the sitting of the senate, without special leave. [am. 2001 S.Res. 2] emphasis mine I’m a literal type of gal, and “may not” means you absolutely, positively cannot be absent–without taking special leave | Read More »

    A time for remembering

    Typically, I do not get personal on my posts, but behind each blogger is a story–much like all of you have a story–and now it’s time to tell you a story of a great man who passed this week.  While I have known many successful men with fruitful lives, only two elder men have been major influences in my life–my father and my father-in-law, Neil.  | Read More »

    Video: Maybe Loughner watched Chris Matthews

    Could this have been Jared Lee Loughner’s call?  Probably not, but if Chris Matthews  continues to go down this blood libel road, he and his guest should be held accountable as well for even discussing the notion of another massacre of Americans for President Obama to use to regain a connectedness to the American people.  An easier way, with no bloodshed, would be for Obama to govern from | Read More »

    Video: Remember Alec Baldwin’s rant on killing Congressional Republicans, their wives, and children?

    With all of the talk of vitriolic rhetoric and images, the Left conveniently ignores so many vicious attacks–verbal and physical–on conservatives, Republicans, and anyone else who disagrees with them.  They attempt to bully their political opponents into submission and silence–with the MSM in lock step with them–the mask off.  And if there was even a shred of hope that the MSM would get back in the | Read More »

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