UPDATED: Barnes and Noble Corrects Search Results to Include “Jason Mattera”

Update: After being notified, Barnes and Noble has corrected its search results to now include Jason Mattera. We thank them for correcting this oversight. The new search results can be seen here.

It’s a privilege to write alongside so many insightful and talented writers across the blogosphere–especially Jason Mattera. Jason has a unique style, relentlessly calls the Left out to the point of embarassment, and exposes political corruption like no other. Jason’s new book, Obama Zombies, has gotten great reviews and is at the top of my reading list.

I decided to purchase the book at Barnes and Noble’s online store and search Jason Mattera. As I type in “Jason” multiple names appear in the search as seen here:

I found that strange, so I keep typing and the search is modified to this:


The search jumps out of alphabetical order, but I still keep typing and then this comes up:


Still no Jason Mattera. I get through all of the “Jasons” on the list and I’m thinking for sure it’s to come up using this search, but no.


In fact, when I search “jason matter” leaving off the “a” in the Books section, 158 books come up with various “Jasons” as the author, but no Jason Mattera:


Additionally, when I search “jason matter” in the Books section, 127 book listings appear, but there is no mention of Jason Mattera and his Obama Zombies book. Not in new releases, politics–it’s nowhere to be found.

The only way I got Jason’s name to come up in the search was when I typed it in full and entered that search. Only then did Obama Zombies come up.


I did give a call to Barnes and Noble’s headquarters and spoke with representatives from the corporate communications department and, while they claim they are not suppressing the search results, as our conversation progressed, they could not refute my claims. The only answer they had was that the search had to be exact, which defeats the purpose of the search function. I also pointed out when I entered “Jason Matter” dropping only the “a” that he still couldn’t be found in the bulk search result.

It will be interesting to see how Barnes and Noble resolves this problem as I am awaiting their further comment/response. Jason continues to be a thorn in the Left’s side as he continues his relentless pursuit of exposing the progressive agenda, including the dumbing down of the youth and attempt to hijack future generations through indoctrination, socialistic legislation, and massive deficit spending . Your book should surely wake up many.

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