Once a lawyer in downtown LA, promoted by God to the position of Mother, Susan Swift broke into the national political scene with her call into Rush Limbaugh's radio show. Introduced by Rush as "Susan in Glendale," she eloquently expressed the nation's passion and frustration over Obamacare. Her 20 minutes on Rush riveted the nation, and caused the late Andrew Breitbart to solicit her to become a regular contributor to Big Journalism in its first month. She continues as a regular contributor at Breitbart 2.0 while raising seven future conservatives along with her husband in Glendale, California.


    The California Tax Revolt

    In 1978, California’s Prop 13 became the lightening rod for an anti-tax revolution that two years later would sweep Ronald Reagan into the Presidency.  Thirty-five years later, however, Californians endure one of the heaviest tax burdens in the country.  What happened?  In addition to state increases in income and sales taxes, local governments made an end run around Prop 13 by imposing a nefarious array | Read More »