Shaun Kenney is the former Communications Director for the Republican Party of Virginia, and an active blogger since 2002. Shaun lives in Thomas Jefferson's backyard with his wife, seven children, and a modest attempt at a farm in Kents Store, Virginia.


    Nativism vs. Conservatism

    This one has been building up for some time, only now having tipped the scales because this article was pushed to me by a friend: Liberals incessantly harp on the fate of unsuspecting American Indians being infected with European maladies, yet that outrage doesn’t jibe with their insistence that amnesty be granted to illegal aliens, some of whom carry diseases eradicated long ago from North America. In | Read More »

    Politifact on ENDA: “If You Like Your Religious Freedom, You Can Keep Your Religious Freedom”

    So after five years of playing the apologist for Obamacare, the deep and serious thinkers at Politifact have now determined that Obama’s pledge over keeping health care plans is a patent falsehood — the “Lie of the Year” as it were, as observers have already commented on the deep and lasting impact such a “flip flop” has on Politifact’s already battered integrity: PolitiFact’s flip-flop on | Read More »

    Catholic Relief Services and The Scandal of Fidelity

    For those following the minor scandal within the Catholic Church regarding Catholic Relief Services and some of the highly questionable beneficiaries of their grants, the response from CRS has been less than confidence building even in the best light. Worse still, as the challenges to CRS decision making grew louder and more confident, the reaction of Catholic Relief have varied from nothing-to-see-here to outright vitriol, | Read More »

    ENDA Makes No Sense Outside The Beltway

    Are you ready for this? Along the theme of “you will be made to care” (TM) and in the wake of the downfall of DOMA and Prop 8 comes the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which just passed the out of committee in the U.S. Senate by a vote of 15-7. What is this bill, you ask?  Oh it’s nothing serious… just a bill that will | Read More »

    A Dark Fifth Column Within The Catholic Social Justice Movement

    Most faithful Catholics in the pews know there’s a place for social justice — the “preferential option for the poor” instantly recognized in persons such as Mother Teresa or Pope John Paul II vs. the preferential option for the state so cherished by needless bureaucrats and six-figure directors who hold the poor of our society hostage for greater government funding. So is it any small | Read More »

    Catholic Relief Services Neck Deep in Scandal (Again…)

    This time, it’s bold faced. From LifeSiteNews: So what happened? Was the pledge of reform just smoke and mirrors? Good intentions that dissipated over time? Or perhaps it’s just that a few problematic documents have slipped through the cracks? Overall, CRS’ programs seem to have a clear emphasis on abstinence and fidelity. But the organization undermines that strong message when they mention condoms as a | Read More »

    4 Faceless Bureaucrats at Catholic Relief Services Doing Un-Catholic Things With Your Donations

    What I cannot believe still is why Catholic Relief Services continues to defend some very un-Catholic positions — and now it seems, the positions of their employees — while attempting to explain away the institutional rot festering in the name of the Catholic bishops. Of course, why are you reading this here on RedState? The simple fact is this sea of counter-Catholic bureaucrats — including | Read More »

    Virginia’s Bloggers to RNC: Revoke the Washington Post’s Convention Press Credentials

    Virginia’s conservative bloggers have had enough. The Jeffersoniad Blog Alliance has issued a letter to Republican Party of Virginia chairman Pat Mullins demanding that the WaPo’s Laura Vozzella — who wrote a bizarre article attempting to link Republican U.S. Senate nominee George Allen with a judicial appointment — have her press credentials to the Republican National Convention revoked: 082112_Letter to Pat Mullins_FINAL Vozzella is no stranger | Read More »

    Un-Catholic Spending Scandal Deepens at Catholic Relief Services

    Catholic Relief Services is doing the typical backpedaling when one’s hand is caught in the cookie jar — this time blurring the lines between sitting on a board and paying membership dues to an organization opposed to your own mission statement. Catholic Relief Services’ membership in MEDiCAM — an un-Catholic organization totally committed to expanding access to abortion, abortion training, and propaganda about abortion services | Read More »

    Catholic Relief Services Doubles Down on Support For Pro-Abortion Groups

    Folks, these are some of the most painful articles I’ve ever had to put to pen.  Yet the institutional rot at Catholic Relief Services is so deep — and the outrageous defense of CRS’s activities so blithe and numb to reality — that CRS is the new poster child for the epic political leftism eating away at the soul of faithful Catholicism in America. A | Read More »