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    The Non-Palinization of Martha Coakley: Her Sister Can See Syria From Her House

    Martha Coakley, the frontrunner for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, recently held an interview with a local media outlet and delivered an answer for the ages. During the interview, Coakley was asked about her foreign policy qualifications. She replied: “I have a sister who lives overseas, and she’s been in England and now lives in the Middle East,” The ridiculous remark brought instant comparisons to Sarah | Read More »

    Mr. Jigsaw Goes To Washington

    Just in time for Halloween, a horror movie review on redstate. Not since Jason Vorhees and Freddy Kruger graced the cinema has horror franchise produced a villain as popular and captivating as ‘Jigsaw’ of the mega-franchise ‘Saw’ movies. This halloween season, Saw VI comes out. For the first five installments, audiences watched as Jigsaw laid his twisted, torture traps for his unsuspecting victims. In each | Read More »

    New Hampshire: The NRCC Does It Again; Don’t Drink The Water Kelly; And Some Old Fashion Posse Justice

    I. NRCC Dismisses Conservative Jennifer Horn Fresh off their NY-23 debacle, it looks like the NRCC has done it again. Conservatives in New Hampshire have caught wind of a NRCC email that has them vexed. The email from Pete Sessions states: Who will step up to the plate? Well, we’ve had incredible success in recruiting some of the best candidates we’ve seen in a long | Read More »

    New Zogby Poll On Immigration; But I Probably Shouldn’t Comment

    The American Thinker had an interesting piece regarding a new Zogby poll. The immigration debate is looming and Zogby, to his credit, decided to poll those whole will likely be the subject of much discussion, Mexicans in Mexico, including those with families in America and those with aspirations of coming to America. Pundits will pretend that they understand and speak for illegal aliens, but do | Read More »

    The Left Mobilizes For ObamaCare: 100,000 Calls on Tuesday

    TPM has published an e-mail detailing a new grass roots push for ObamaCare. Organizing for America (OFA) is rallying its troops and holding mass ‘house parties’ on Tuesday with the aim of making 100,000 phone calls to Congress in one day. On Tuesday, October 20th, OFA volunteers will gather at “Time to Deliver” Call Parties in living rooms like yours across the country. We’ll call | Read More »

    How To Deal With Olympia Snowe

    Remember this is only one vote to get one bill out of one committee. That is all. Snowe acknowledges that she still has reservations and that there are huge holes in the bill. Any shift to the left may change her vote on the floor. Here are some realities to ponder. In 2008, Obama carried Maine by 18 points. In 2008, Susan Collins beat popular | Read More »

    Peggy Noonan, The Crazy Cat Lady, Gets the Sarah Palin Treatment at Harvard

    This autumn, Peggy Noonan left her New York City digs for Cambridge to be a guest lecturer at Harvard. I’m leery of self-anointed, East Coast, Republican elites, but my distaste for Noonan reached new levels when she decided to act like a teenage girl in a Miley Cyrus movie and hurled such petty insults at Sarah Palin that her invective had to be personal. These | Read More »

    Czar Wars: Kevin Jennings and Curley v. NAMBLA

    I haven’t much to add to the Kevin Jennings story, but I’ve been thinking about another story that happened twelve years ago involving the rape and murder of an eight year old boy. It’s easy to tug at heartstrings and make sentimental appeals. This story was gut wrenching, but it also addressed important issues regarding NAMBLA. It was 1997 when I first realized that NAMBLA | Read More »

    Love Not Schadenfreude

    [A Rant Inspired By A Week Of Arguing With My Liberal Neighbors And Friends.] Why do conservatives celebrate the failures of Barack Obama? I am so sick of this topic, but it keeps popping s up, so I’ll add my two cents. I gleefully celebrated Obama’s embarrassing Olympic debacle. I was thrilled. People and pundits across the spectrum tried to psychoanalyze people like me. Speaking | Read More »

    Exposed: Bill Ayers Admits Being Obama’s Ghostwriter?

    Obama cast too big of a net during the election. He promised too many things to too many people with conflicting expectations. Did the boy “genius” think he was going to keep a coalition with Bill Ayers radicals and Jim Jones Democrats together? How soon his tenuous coalition would unravel was the only question. We now know the answer to that question is lightning fast. | Read More »