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    Boston Tea Party 2010 in Pictures

    Here are some pictures of the Boston Tea Party on Wednesday. The Boston Common: Gorgeous day, big crowds: Rays of sunshine all around: The crashers came too: But no one took them seriously: The Tea Partiers weren’t so scary: Another scary face: More hate and anger: The crashers weren’t so scary either just… dopey: The other Red State: Blah, blah, blah: “Hey you, I demand | Read More »

    Kelly Ayotte; One Tough Mother

    I’ve often defended Kelly Ayotte, but I have to admit that one may have a hard time trying to reconcile her looks and her demeanor with her record… “This is that tough as nails, ace prosecutor that everyone fears? She looks more like a pre-school teacher.” But Kelly is tough and that is part of her appeal in the granite state. Outsiders may not understand | Read More »

    Live Free or Denial: Rep. Carol “Che” Porter’s Town Hall

    Representative Carol “Che” Porter (NH-01) held a town hall last night in her district, where she addressed her health care vote. She is either courageous or delusional, and I’m ‘all in’ on delusional. A couple of things stand out about this clip, the reaction of the crowd and her denial. This is what denial looks like: Porter is clinging to that one, old, post-vote poll | Read More »

    The Reality of Repeal: A Senate Perspective

    I prefer to analyze the possibility of repeal through the prism of reality and facts, and not through the prism of wishful thinking or defeatism. I’ve been chewing on many things including the reality of obtaining sixty plus senate seats by 2013. Here are some thoughts. Of the three branches, winning the House is the easy part, well, the easiest part. I’m not buying pie-in-the-sky | Read More »

    Beyond Congress; Focus Your Eyes on the Local Prize

    There is still an unwritten chapter in the left’s pursuit of a permanent majority, and its not amnesty, card check or cap and tax. In fact, it has nothing to do with Congress. It is redistricting. In 2006 and 2008, the left looked longingly at the horizon that is 2010, the year their massive majorities would enable them to redraw the Congressional map, vanquish enemies | Read More »

    Health Care Fight: Massachusetts Rising

    Sean O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, is one of the good guys. He is a man of ardent faith and impeccable integrity, who has earned the utmost respect of his community. He is an Archbishop, not a politician. But since others have made such an aggressive effort to support this health care bill in the name of the Catholic Church, he has decided to throw down | Read More »

    UNREAL: No Reconciliation Letter From Senate Democrats

    If this the whole health care charade wasn’t such serious business, it would actually be kind of funny. The Democratic comedy of errors continues this evening. As reported by Roll Call: Senate Democratic leaders have decided they will not publicly release a health care reform letter signed by their rank and file intended to calm nervous House Democrats before their historic vote this weekend on | Read More »

    If You Were a Pro-Life Democrat, How Would You Want To Be Remembered?

    Here are a couple of clever videos in case you missed them, one depicts Carol “Che” Porter and the other Bart Stupak. The videos speak for themselves. If you were an undecided Democrat, how would you want history to remember you? History will either remember you as this type of Democrat: Or history will remember you as this type of Democrat: Your choice.

    A Caterpillar Catches Up To Cuellar (Update: Now On Drudge)

    (Thought the Caterpillar letter might slip by, but Drudge picked it up. This could really put pressure on Cuellar.) As Tip O’Neill famously stated, all politics is local, which makes me think that Caterpillar Inc, a heavy-equipment company, might be targeting the wrong people. On Thursday, Caterpillar penned a letter to Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner warning them that the impending health care legislation will | Read More »

    Stunner: Steve Lynch (D-MA) Leaning Towards Voting Against The Senate Bill

    Stunner. Steve Lynch is a loyal South Boston Democrat. He is also one of Nancy Pelosi’s floor whips. He has just publicly stated that he will probably vote against the Senate bill and urged the Democratic leaderships to avoid a deem and pass tactic. So what’s different about Lynch? Two things. South Boston takes Saint Patrick’s Day very seriously. Lynch has been in South Boston | Read More »