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    Sci-Fi Fans; Barf Alert

    Want to catch a summer blockbuster to take you mind off Obama and world affairs? Then don’t see Transformers II. Unfortunately, President ZerO makes an appearence in Transformers II. I suspect the average Restate reader may not be familiar with the Transformers franchise, but the franchise is a smashing success and this sequel is highly anticipated. Bay and Obama briefly met during the election, when | Read More »

    Creeping Carolina Blues Courtesy of Boston

    Boston’s own “Banking Terrorist” is relocating to Charlotte. Bruce Marks, head of Boston’s Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), former “Bostonian of the Year”, and self-identified ‘banking terrorist’, is taking his operation South. A growing feud between Marks and the City of Boston has led Marks to cease expansion in Boston. Instead, Marks has accepted a million dollar grant from North Carolina, courtesy of Governor | Read More »

    Since You Don’t Visit MSNBC; Some Devasting Poll Numbers

    The bloom is plumetting of the the rose for Obama. A NBC/WSJ poll that shows the public rapidly losing confidence in Obama’s policies actually made the front page of MSNBC. I think I can hear Olbermann and Matthews caterwauling from Boston. Mark Murray would be wise to wear a bullet proof vest for a week or so. Since MSNBC didn’t scuttle this article, I’ll assume | Read More »

    The Blue Dogs Are Our Guide Dogs

    Good article today at Politico about rural Democrats and Obama. The problem with a scandalous, over-reaching and audacious administration like the Obama administration is that there are almost too many stories to cover. Republicans would be wise to use ‘antsy’ Blue Dogs as their guide to swing voters. They are called Blue Dogs, but they can be our guide dogs. In the Politico article, two | Read More »

    The “Joe Show” Strikes Again

    Joe Biden stated on Meet the Press this morning that everyone guessed wrong on the recent unemployment numbers. The Obama administration had promised that unemployment would remain at eight percent if his stimulus plan passed. It did pass and unemployment quickly grew past eight percent. But not everyone was wrong. Perhaps, everyone in Joe’s cocooned universe, but not everyone. You may want to consult Republicans | Read More »

    1765 and 2009; A Colonial Exchange Worth Reading

    Colonel Isaac Barre gave a speech before Parliament in 1765 that resonates strongly today. I encourage all to read it. Here’s a little back history. In 1764 and 1765, tensions simmered between the British Parliament and the Colonies over revenue streams. Both sides agreed that the Colonies needed to contribute more revenue to help alleviate the British debt resulting from defending and administering the growing | Read More »

    Quick Note On Patrick Kennedy And Substance Abuse

    I think it’s rather classy that most conservatives and most conservative blogs have avoided the Patrick Kennedy story. Teddy Kennedy has been my Senator for most of my life. His son Patrick Kennedy was my Congressman, when I lived in Rhode Island for a period. I know them well and I have plenty of issues with them both. For those who don’t know, Patrick voluntarily | Read More »

    Dems Attack “Nut” Republican in FL-24 Race

    How quickly can a Democrat assassinate a Republican candidate’s character? As fast as they can get media access and call that person unstable. That’s how fast. That’s how quickly the attacks on Republican candidate Karen Diebel occurred. As soon as Diebel announced her candidacy for FL-24, Florida Democratic Party Spokesman Eric Jotkoff released the following statement: Karen Diebel’s unstable and erratic behavior raises questions about | Read More »

    Sarah Palin On The Today Show

    This is probably just a comment, but this is a great clip worth sharing. Sarah Palin gave a great performance on The Today Show this morning. Matt Lauer is tough, but fair. It’s nice to see Sarah Palin on a level playing field. The feud with David Letterman has received much attention. However, Lauer started the interview with questions about the Alaskan gas pipe line | Read More »

    Buy Drugs; Kill Your Dealer; Cook His Body; Get Protection From The Teamsters – Just Another Day In Taxachusetts

    In the hack-o-rama state of Massachusetts, there may be no better example of government waste, excess, and corruption than the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority. The infamous Massachusetts toll takers are represented by The Teamsters. They are politically connected, grossly overpaid and often perform their duties with contempt and rudeness. Paul Moccia is one such toll taker. For sitting in a booth and making change, Moccia made | Read More »