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    Dems Bad Day Gets Worse; Parliamentarian Gives Dems a Harsh Reality Check

    I think this is huge. According to the Huffington Post: The Senate parliamentarian told Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Wednesday afternoon that her proposal to create a National Insurance Rate Authority runs afoul of reconciliation rules, Feinstein told HuffPost after the conversation. “I’m crushed it’s out,” she said. But she added that she would bring it up with him one more time to try to make | Read More »

    Tim Cahill Sounds Off; The Scott Brown Message Reverberates

    Timmy Cahill is the treasurer of Massachusetts. He is, scratch that, was a powerful Democrat from the powerful vote-rich city of Quincy. He bailed on his party. Personally, I like Tim, a lot. But he hasn’t earned his bones yet, so I’m on the fence. Tim left the “D” party because it became too liberal and is now running for governor as an independent. His | Read More »

    Nice Timing Mr. Samuelson; A Pass It Around Op-Ed

    Robert J. Samuelson wrote an excellent op-ed on health care today. As much as we may wish otherwise, the conservative echo chamber only has so much reach. Samuelson is an editor for both Newsweek and the Washington Post, and he is no conservative. So when he eviscerates Obama and the health care bill at this critical juncture, I must reply, well done sir. Beltway insiders | Read More »

    Battleground Ohio: Obama Lobbied Undecided Democrat on Air Force One

    Its no coincidence that President Obama chose to stump for his health care legislation in Ohio on Monday. There are at least seven important undecided Democrats from Ohio including Marcia Fudge. According to WKYC, Marcia Fudge, who voted for the health care bill in November, is now undecided. Fellow Ohio Democrats Zach Space, Mary Jo Kilroy, Marcy Kaptur, Tim Ryan, Betty Sutton, John Boccieri and | Read More »

    Mark Steyn Reminds Us of the Stakes

    If winning seats in November is the end game, I have an awesome strategy for the GOP. Let the Dems pass cap and tax. After that, let them pass amnesty. If we have time, let them pass card check. By then, the electorate will be really irate. We’ll win lots of seats. Forget any consolation prizes regarding November. The end game isn’t beating Democrats, it | Read More »

    Pentagon Shooter Was a Truther

    John Patrick Bedell, the person responsible for murder spree at the Pentagon, was a 9/11 Truther. This will leak out the mainstream media like molasses in Siberia. This is the second Left Wing nut in a row to go psycho on the American public. Yet, the press is still itching for someone associated with the Tea Party to become unhinged as they dig for evidence | Read More »

    Time To Break Out The Town Hall Calenders

    The race is on. The Democratic Leadership is eager to get a health care bill passed before the next round of Tea Parties and Town Hall Protests, which are being scheduled for Easter Recess and Tax Day. Congress bolts March 27th and returns April 12th. Traditionally, this is a time for them to do district work and hold town hall meetings. Everyone already knows how | Read More »

    Health Care Summit: The Attack of the Lame Anecdotes!!!

    Who needs statistics, empirical evidence, actuarial data, logic or reason, when you have anecdotes? I once knew a lady who had to use her dead sister’s dentures. That should never happen in America!!! I watched the whole health care summit and that pretty much sums up the Democratic argument; sentimental anecdote, after sentimental anecdote, after sentimental anecdote and some talk about closing donut holes with | Read More »

    Process and Appearence; The GOP Must Go to the Health Care Summit

    While the Democrats in Congress prepare for reconciliation, the GOP is measuring the value of Obama’s health care summit. Let’s not get mixed up here. The health care summit is a public relations stunt, nothing more. It is being used to provide the Democrats in Congress some leverage to pursue reconciliation. That is the real battleground. The GOP has the higher ground on two crucial | Read More »

    The Necessary Evolution of the Tea Party Movement in an Election Year

    The Tea Party movement draws its strength and its relevance from its spontaneous, organic and populist nature. That is also the source of its greatest weakness. Because it is a fledgling, leader-less and platform-less movement people are tempted anoint themselves leaders and project their own values upon the rest of the movement. Every faction thinks they own it, but no one really does. The Tea | Read More »