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    The End of the Orange Revolution?

    As the world outside of Barack Obama’s self-absorbed bubble turns: Polls show former communist apparatchik Viktor Yanukovych holding a slim lead over Yulia Tymoshenko in the Ukraine presidential election. Yankukovych is a bad guy, like he could be cast as a villain in a James Bond movie type of bad guy. The former convict, thug and accused rapist is the Kremlin’s lapdog and has no | Read More »

    Ranting and Raving, Barney Frank Tips His Hand

    According to The Hill: Arguably the nation’s most prominent openly-gay lawmaker this week slammed Defense Secretary Robert Gates for opening a year-long review of the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell policy” against gays in the military, saying it is merely causing delay. “As quickly as we can do this it will be toward the end of the year,” Frank said in a raised voice. “So | Read More »

    That Mass “RhINO” then and that Mass “RhINO” Day One.

    Before the Tea Parties, before the Town Halls, back when Obamamania was all the rage, when the political pundits declared the GOP irrelevant, and gloomy conservatives were busy playing the blame game and pointing fingers, some kept the course and chose to fight. November 2008: That was fourteen months ago, after the 2008 elections, when an obscure state senator named Scott Brown, went above and | Read More »

    No One in the Obama Administration Knows How to Make Payroll Says…

    Blanche Lincoln? Other outlets have picked up on the testy exchange between Blanche Lincoln and Obama, but this little nugget caught by Glenn Thrush went unnoticed: The seminal moment of this morning’s Q and A between Senate Democrats and President Obama was an extraordinary — and extraordinarily uncomfortable — exchange between Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) and Obama over the party’s left and right wings… Lincoln, | Read More »

    Judd Gregg Schools Wonderboy Peter Orszag on the Meaning of the Law

    Senator Judd Gregg schooled OMB Director Peter Orszag on the law and managed to put Bernie Sanders in his place during a hearing on TARP. Judd Gregg has been a stalwart on budget manipulation and in this clip he is protesting the manipulation of TARP funds. This encounter is particularly sweet because Obama was in Nashua, New Hampshire today, Judd Gregg’s home town, promoting his | Read More »

    In Defense of Keeping Paul Kirk Seated

    Let me preface my comments by stating that Paul Kirk’s decisive vote on the debt ceiling bothers me, and if I had my druthers, he’d be gone. But there is a larger issue here. Although no date has been confirmed, it appears like Scott Brown will be sworn in around February 11th. Brown is trying to assemble his staff, get them housing, get himself situated, | Read More »

    Indefatigable Enemy of the Republic Dies

    Howard Zinn, an immensely influential enemy of our Republic, has passed away. I prefer not speak ill of the recently deceased, but I can’t ignore it either. A prolific writer and a history professor at Boston University, he helped root generations of unwitting Americans in marxist principles. Zinn’s warm demeanor and charisma often disarmed the young and naive, who digested his palatable anti-Americanism. Few radicals | Read More »

    Why Does Obama Hate the Space Program?

    I’m not a science guy, but something caught my attention about Obama’s SOTU; the surprise and disappointment by many in the scientific community regarding Obama’s dismissal of the space program. I’ve been absorbing the criticisms and something clicked. The scientific community is often tied to the government spending and sympathetic to government growth. Those who are infatuated by the cosmos tend to be idealistic and | Read More »

    A Serious Discourse on John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich Von Hayek

    Well, not maybe not serious, but I bet you’ve never seen Keynesian economics and Austrian economics debated like this:

    One Man With Courage Made a Majority

    Former Massachusetts governor Paul Cellucci walked through Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall one brisk winter’s day, when he saw a familiar face among the crowd. He spotted the man sitting at a table quietly eating a sandwich by himself. Cellucci worked his way over to the table and greeted his old friend. Faneuil Hall bustles with tourists and shoppers and Cellucci couldn’t help notice the striking | Read More »