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    Scott Brown Already Recording Robo-Calls for John McCain

    Wow, that was fast. Apparently, voters in Arizona are already receiving the robo-call. To his credit, McCain endorsed Brown early and remained a stalwart supporter, when few others took his campaign seriously. In the recorded message, Brown “praises McCain for supporting him when no one else would”. Brown also reiterates his commitment to fight a government take over of health care. It’s a little surreal | Read More »

    We Captured The Enemy Flag: The Beers, Bagpipes, and Celt-Punk Open Thread

    I have a lot to write, a lot. But this is no time for analysis. This is a time for celebration. Everyone should rejoice. Everyone. The consequences of what occured today are historic. We are witnessing and living history. Raise a glass for the lost tribes of these United States. They once were lost, but now they’re found: For good measure, we’ll claim the Boston | Read More »

    MA-SEN: A Tuesday Election Primer (Updated)

    I have been looking at the numbers of some past elections. Some of the broad themes are becoming common knowledge, but I broke down some numbers and offer some observations for those who may not be familiar with the state. FIVE ON THE MONEY: Regardless of size or demographics, these six cities and towns often vote the same as the state at large. As they | Read More »

    The Scott Brown Campaign Helps Shed Some Light On The Amirault Family

    Campaign break. A little local stuff. Just taking a moment to thank the Scott Brown campaign for shedding some light on a persecuted family, the Amiraults. Much has been written about the Fells Acres Day Care Center. I’m not going to rehash it here. For those who need details; Dorothy Rabinowitz serves up some substance, and Ann Coulter, as always, serves up some red meat. | Read More »

    Great Moments in Massachusetts Senatorial Sports Flubs

    Perhaps Martha Coakley is the right person to represent Massachusetts in the United States Senate. She just fits the traditional mold of a Senator from Massachusetts perfectly. Amongst other things, she knows how to make a first rate fool of herself, when talking sports. Here are four of the greatest sports flubs in Massachusetts senatorial history: 4. In the midst of the 2004 presidential election, | Read More »

    Rudy Stumping for Scott Brown in Boston; and Scott on Obama’s New Bank Fees

    Obama may becoming to Boston on Sunday, but Rudy was here today. There are all sorts of videos out there, but here are three pretty good ones. Rudy and Scott strolling Boston’s famous Italian North End: Wherever they went, they were followed by an enthusiastic crowd. This video is poor quality, but it captures the raw energy: Scott displays his commanding presence and his ability | Read More »

    Scott Brown’s Momentum

    There is a reason Martha Coakley went negative. Coakley can win if she rallys her base. There are enough Democrats in Massachusetts for Coakley to win without Republican or Independent support. Still its a bad sign for any candidate, when they are trying to rally their base during the last week of the campaign. By contrast, Brown’s base is fired up. He also has Independents | Read More »

    Scott Brown Scores a Terrific Non-Endorsement from the Boston “Glob”

    The inevitable happened; the Boston Globe finally endorsed Martha Coakley. I expected nothing less and, frankly, may have been a little freaked out if the Boston “Glob” endorsed Scott Brown. But, perhaps, unintentionally, the “Glob” scores some major points for Brown: People in Massachusetts are understandably frustrated. Next week’s special election comes in the midst of a too-long Senate debate on health care, showcasing much | Read More »

    A Tale of Two Candidates: Coakley the Elitist vs. Brown the Populist

    The joke in Massachusetts is that Martha Coakley is afraid to shake hands with ordinary people. Today, the Boston Globe is reporting that Coakley does not have the time to meet with voters. Instead, she is rallying party bosses to do her dirty work. Coakley has become defensive about the elitist label being stuck to her. When asked about her avoidance of average voters, the | Read More »

    Conservatives Must Own The Tea Party Movement or Let It Die

    The Tea Party Movement is descending into mob status. People seem to love the leaderless Tea Party movement because they get to anoint themselves leaders, and then project their own ideals upon the rest of the movement. While I profess not to be the grand arbiter of authentic conservativism, I think there are certain principles and parameters that a solid majority of self-identified conservatives recognize. | Read More »