I am a constitutional conservative from the great state of Georgia. Sick and tired of the establishment.


    The liberal mindset….or the lack thereof..

    I have had the pleasure ( or the ever you choose to look at it) of sitting beside a very liberal minded guy at work for the last several years, he doesn’t say much about the issues…We might discuss a small thing once a week…and it usually turns into me sitting here with my blood boiling, thinking to myself, how do people even believe | Read More »

    I must be dreaming…..

    Will someone please pinch me? I’ve got to be dreaming. As I sit here, taking in my daily dose of news and the lack there of, I can’t help but think that this can’t be real. We are in the midst of an all out world crisis. War in Israel, Russia/Ukraine shooting down commercial airliners , rampant illegal immigration, and all the white house and | Read More »