Thank Curt Schilling

    Curt Schilling, in addition to being an active campaigner on Scott Brown’s behalf, has used his typically sports-oriented blog 38 Pitches to advocate for Brown and against Obamacare. His latest post points out that Democrats have no one but themselves to blame for yesterday’s Massachusetts Miracle because they changed the rules in the middle of the game. While most comments are thanking Schilling, as they | Read More »

    Final ARG Poll: Brown 52%, Coakley 45% Want to help these margins hold against the voting dead (who don’t show up in the polls), then consider making calls from home:

    Detailed Election Predictions

    This election cycle is too complicated to simply make a single prediction, so I’ll start by laying out the three possible scenarios for tomorrow. Scenario #1 (Pessimistic): Obama wins the national popular vote and over 300 electorsScenario #2 (Realistic): Obama wins the national popular vote very narrowly but the winner of the electoral college comes down to the outcome of three states Scenario #3 (Optimistic): | Read More »

    Powerful New Born Alive Truth Ad

    Please watch this video and share it with your friends:YouTube Link

    Are we really going to do this?

    We have sadly reached the point where a British columnist must raise critical points about our election which are being ignored by the mainstream media in our country. In an article on The Spectator website entitled “Is America Really Going to Do This?“, Melanie Phillips correctly observes that only McCain will defend American interests: